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Memorial Day trip

_____My first time shrooming was on Memorial Day.

_____My first time shrooming was on Memorial Day. My parents were gone for the weekend and a few of my friends were coming over to spend the evening drinking and smoking. We were looking for some bud so my friend "S" called a friend of his, who always seemed to be in the posession of great amounts of unbelievably good weed. He came over a half hour later and we all smoked up. Now it just so happened that he had come back from Vermont that day and he had a bag of shrooms which S had been trying to get for us. We munched around 6:00, and nothing seemed to happen for a while. This might have been because I was already feeling pretty good about the pot. When the rest of my friends got to the house we all sat in a circle in my garage and smoked some more.
Suddenly I started to notice the wierdest thing; the garage's cement floor was no longer plain, it was swimming with this kielidascope pattern that seemed to me moving and flowing in an indescribable way. I looked up at S and his face seemed etched with a similar pattern. We made eye contact and I could tell that he was noticing the same thing.
"Shit do you see that?"
"Yeah, it's almost like..."
"gears or something."
"no, more like a stained glass window..." It was awesome, my first introduction into the psychedelics. One thing that I noticed was that the pattern didn't seem to lie on the surface, it hovered about a half an inch above it, and all of the intricacies of the surface, the cracks and spots in the cement floor were somehow built into the visuals. I later found out that the human brain precieves 3D objects as the interaction of many 2D primatives, and what I was watching was my senses being overloaded to the point that I could see these 2D shapes and textures superimposed on my normal vision. Now another interesting thing is that normally whenever you see these primatives, such as when you're trying to go to sleep, the shapes will have a strong tendency to move, rotate, or simply disappear to be replaced by another faint image. This might account for the way that everything seems to warp and flow and bend, if you can see the shapes, then your brain forces them to move and bend, resulting in the distortion of the whole image that they are interacting to produce...
Well enough of the theory and back to the trip. We then went outside to the backyard to enjoy the last of the sunlight. I was looking at S and he seemed to be draped in this moving rainbow pattern.
"It looks like there's this transparent cloth in front of your face" I told him.
"Yeah, it does, it's about an inch off my face and I can see you through it." Now the craziest part is that, as he was describing this, I could visualize it, but not from my point of view, from a third person's point of view. It was like one of those dreams when you're outside your body watching yourself do things. The shrooms had given me superhuman powers of visualization.
I spent the next hour wandering around and talking to people. By 9:00 a few of us had found our way back out to the paddio and were having a deep discussion. I found that I was able to deconstruct every nuance of the conversation, every little vocal inflection or gesture was instantly translated in my mind with a clairty that astounded me. I was able to communicate with the rest of the table on many non-verbal levels, and I knew that they understood me even if they weren't aware of it. S kept going on and on about "levels". "I'm on your level" or "it's all levels!" This was especially funny to the sober guests, some of whom didn't know what he was on.
We then jumped in my friend 'J's wrangler and rode into town with the top down. It was the best part of the evening! The wind in my hair, the radio on, a good conversation going. The edges of everything seemed to be warped. I would see the treeline and the sky above, and they both seemed to be cuttouts on a giant stage. I began to get obsessed with the fact that we were actually on a stage, the wind from the car was just a giant fan and there was an invisible audience in front of us watching the drama.
After we got home people began to leave and the evening was winding down. S and I were both coming down by this point, and I drifted off into a dreamless sleep around 3:00 in the morning.
The next morning we got up and went off to breakfast. I had this feeling that a new chapter of my life had been opened. It was very refreshing and I felt overwhelmed with the amazing posibilities of life.
Well, that's my first trip, hope you enjoyed it. Next time I'll tell you all about the Allman Brothers concert...


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