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Mellow trip

Some you may know me from the message boards as Chonger.

Some you may know me from the message boards as Chonger.
This trip happenned last night and was one of the nicest trips I've ever had.
Well I haven't really had much effect from mushrooms before, even though I have eaten them on numerous occasions in relatively small doses (1-2g's). The shrooms on those experiences were given to me by various people and just produced a rather dissapointing stoned feeling.

So after careful planning and information gathering, I decided to grow my own :D
I decided on the golden teacher strain for no apparent reason except that I was told it was relatively easy to cultivate.

Well that was around 3 months ago and last night 3 of my cakes had around an ounce of wet shrooms growing on them for my enjoyment. I even picked a few small shrooms which had much more potential, but I didn't mind as I was eager to experience a homegrown trip.

Well I decided that I would trip alone in my house just so that I could become familiar with the shroom experience, incase I made a fool of myself in front of my friends for whatever reason you may imagine. At around 10:45 I picked the fresh ounce from my cakes and proceeded to chop them up into tiny pieces. I then put them into a cup and added some boiling water and let em sit for about 10 mins or so. I then stirred em up for a few mins and squeezed all of the liguid out of the pieces and made a cup of tea with the water. It tasted fine and I had drank the whole cup by around 11:15pm. I then played some tunes on my guitar while watching watching some tv. Around 11:30 I was feeling a little stoned so I put my guitar down and decided to watch "Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas", which recently became one of my favorite films :) As I was fast fowarding past all the trailers, I was getting a rather pleasant body sensation. When the film started I was almost surprised that I even got to the film as the trailers had seemed to go on forever. Ahhhhhh I sighed as it began, "We were somehwere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold." I laughed as I wondered what it would be like to be tripping while watching a film of people tripping. It became apparent that my drugs had also began to take hold :) From this point my mind started drifting off into random thoughts, and I had difficulty concentrating on the film. All of a sudden the couch upon which I was lying began to take a mind of its own. It was as if it was rather pissed off that I was sitting on it. The cushions started to move in on me and I kept having to move them back again (even though they weren't really moving). I thought I had better move to the other couch in the room as I was sure that the one I was sitting on was conspiring something against me. At this point I was fearing a bad trip setting in, but I assured myself I was just tripping and eventually the thought vannished.

For a moment or two I thought I was actually in the film, but again that thought passed as I got distracted by even stranger things. Soon, I decided to take slow deep breaths to relax myself, and I noticed that the walls began to breath with me :) This was really cool, as I had read this so much in the other trip reports, and had somehow not expected it to happen to me. But sure enough it was happenned vividly. In a few more minutes, the room started to change shape. Most things in the room were roughly parallel with other things, ie the couches were alongside the walls and the rug was along side the couches. This was the way I was used to seeing the room, but gradually everything looked different and not so straight and parallel. Soon, I found I had the ability to change the shape of the room merely by thinking it. Imagine a cardboard box, and holding the corners and making it twist and warp into stage shapes, it was similar to that. Also, I had the feeling that the room was travelling somewhere, as if it was some kind of vehicle. It wasn't like being in a car, but like some kind of spacecarft, as the room seemed to be rotating on an infinite number or axis...

By this time, the film was upto the point where they are checking into the hotel while raoul is tripping on acid.

I made myself concentrate on that bit because I liked the way the receptionists face warped and twisted into strange shapes. It wasn't as good as I had imagined it to be.
I then looked at the rug in the room, and the pattern was moving about almost exactly like in the film, and this was very cool. I noticed that if I concetrated on one point in the room, fratal patterns emerged out of knowhere and replaced everything in the room. But If I tried to look at different part of it, it would slowly melt away so that I couldn't see it anymore. I was getting a bit too distracted to watch the film, so I went to the computer in the hope that I could chat to some people I knew, but no-one was online at 1am (which was now the time) except for a guy that I used to be at school with, but he doesn't approve of drugs or shrooms, so I couldn't really have a great conversation with him. I went to the shroomery and did a few posts which were quite amusing to me.

The computer didn't seem to be as interesting as I had hoped, so I sat in the chair and wrote some poems and songs, and also a few doodles and drawings. I walked to the kitchen to get a drink of bottled water, which was delicious. As I stood by the fridge drinking out of the bottle, I had the feeling that I was totally contained in my head and my body was some kind of accessory to my head.

I also felt a stronger beleif that the body is just a vehicle for the mind and soul, and that once our body dies, we will just inhibit a new body. That was quite comforting.

I also had the opportunity to go to the bathroom a few times which was quite funny. I didn't experience much change in my reflection in the mirror, although my pupils were huge and I had seemed to aquire a rather annoying spot right in the middle of my cheek, which I never seem to get.
I never looked much different or hidiously ugly like some people have described.

At about 2am, I felt the trip slowly fading away, although my mind was still racing with thoughts. I decided to go to bed which took a while as I seem to stand around wondering what to do next as I'm tripping. I couldn't get to sleep until aroun 4am because I thinking too much :)

But all in all a very nice mellow trip. I'm probably going to have a slightly higher dose next time, and maybe a few time with my friends.


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