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I had to work, so my new years started off to a odd start.

I had to work, so my new years started off to a odd start. First my Taxi ride was late. Got to my home late. And got dressed late. I went to Long Hair’s house a friend of mine. I was planning to go around Friends houses and get a sampling of what is going on. But everyone was doing stuff. One was in Las Vegas. One in Russia. One Working. Three went to a party. And so on... And I was working 60+ hours for a couple of weeks so I could not plan anything with anyone.

I get over to Long Hair’s house. They didn’t plan anything because of the working schedule also. I brought some drinks / beer. And were drinking down and smoking out. After a little while and getting pretty buzzed. I went for my amount of Mushrooms. I didn’t know how much I had but I had a decent one person dose. Or a meekly two or three person dose. They didn’t want any, but I still wished I had more to share around. They were still very entertaining.

I was waiting for the effects to hit. And were trying to get a playstation to work. After a while I started to see movements so I took my leave of working with technologyfor the fact that I could not concontrate any longer. Sat down and didn’t move. For a long time. Started looking at the ceiling and saw the most amassing things shown to me. The basis of what I was seeing was like a mass amount of grapes. On vines. And the grapes would change color to show me static pictures. A Dragon, Lion, City Scene, Anime Characters, and Exct... It was hard to keep my attention on the happenings on the walls because the TV was on. And it was boring but pulling me into it’s world. TV’s suck!!!! After getting angry about this and saying that my friend said not to break the bong in my hand. That is when the first of many Quotes popped in my mind. “Bottles of yours you may break. But, not my Bong”
I was just chatting with my friend. And he was amazed at seeing someone having way too much fun sitting down. The room at one point shifted of at a slant that was considerable. Then flipped back. Standard movements from toys that he had around the house. They were not fighting each other. But he did plant the idea in my mind. Then I did something crazy. Stood up. And explored. Then there was a commercial for Champagne. Another one of the infamous Quotes: “As they say ‘Champagne gets to my Head’ so do Shrooms”

Then there was a conversation about comics and pictures on the wall. One in particular popped up. It looks like a goth girl with long black hair. Sitting in a corner and looking at the viewer. She was Death, a Female Death. She was looking at me. In my trips I would LOVE to meet a Female Death. I was attaching myself to the goth sub-culture more. Went into the bathroom to take a shet Did anyone ever mention to the reader how hard it is to take a dump while peeking. I was watching the tile and I started to see.... Cats. I was watching cats jumping through the tile and bouncing around. I could swear that this was a window, and on the other side I could see the rabbit hole. I want to immerse myself in that world.

Then after the grand event at midnight. I was waiting for more control to make my trip back to my residence. After saying my farewells. I went to the back to say goodnight to the other person there. The girlfriend of Long Hair. I was still trippin’ so I am not sure what I saw but. The area around her eyes were solid black. True goth like appearance. Just shrugging it off, I left for home. Now the adventure begins.

One block away from the house I was staying at. I was walking around and I saw to the side was apparently Santa Claus. ??????? I was dumbfounded I said that I was going to have a adventure. I didn’t intend it to become true. The face looked too much like a puffy picture of Santa Claus.
But I continued on. I was wearing all black. And writing in a book that is black and fuzzy. A dark person, dark book, good purpose. I started to believe that I was some type of evil messiah. I also decided that I should check the ATM to see if it would still work. Yup. “Y2K is OK”

I was also starting to finish off some mixed drinks. I saw a house that was converted to a business. It was covered with white Christmas lights. A, Triping and Somewhat buzzed, person finds a house covered with lights on the mellinum night what should he do? Sit down and have a drink! I sat down and drank and was tripin on the lights and writing in my book. I left a note in the bottle that I finished. I figure that they would freak out a little bit or not care.

I was stopping at churches and playing the role of dark masiah. I could swear that I was a holy person. That goth story about a death that is a girl was effecting me. It was now about 2:15 and I went to a Mexican fast food place. EVERYONE WAS FUCKED UP. Everyone was either stoned/drunk. 7 were also tripping on something. And two were tweaking. They were yelling that everyone was looking at them like they were doing drugs. And that were not on drugs. Yea Right.

“I am clothed yet Free.” I was a free soul at that point. Work and duty do not matter. I was over analyzing the whole build of society I would love to live in a world of Eden. No worries. Just have fun and sex. HE HE HE. And the clincher in this whole adventure? The clouds were changing from red to purple, every time I looked up. What an adventure I had into the world of drugs and myth.

Authors Notes

The one weird thing is that when I saw the cats in the tile I could swear that the tile had forms of blue pointed ovals. Basicly a whole bunch of outlines on top of white. When I went to the bathroom afterwords. Not affected by anything. The tile was gold speckles. THAT WAS the FIRST hallocination that I had. Thank god for shrooms!!

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