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Atomic Wedgie

I haven't had any shroom trips or very interesting stoned adventures.

I haven't had any shroom trips or very interesting stoned adventures. So keep that in mind when rating my report. If you want to comment on it post a message on the General forum. My name is new2shrooms on it.

It happened about 5 or 6 weeks ago. My freind (David) and my brother (Konrad) and his freind (Matt) and I (Damian) were having a sleep over at our place. We waited till our parent's were asleep and snuck out.

I bought a BB gun from Germany about a year ago and Matt bought it off me. So we went to the park (and Matt brought the gun). When we arrived at the park we saw what we were hoping for - people having cones off which to scab. We went up to them and started talking. There was about 4 or 5 of them. They weren't actually taking weed they were taking cigs. We asked them if they had any weeed. One of them called Shane said "Yeah we've got mixes want some?". We said they're cigs man! He said no they're mixes. So he gave us one to have between us. We were a little suspicious but he would of probably bashed us if we didn't take it.

Konrad took the first toke (well not really a toke coz it wasnt weed) and passed it on. When it was my turn I thought that it was weed so I took a big toke and started coughing my lungs out. Shane asked if we could feel the weed in it. We said yes and he just laughed. So then he pulled out a pipe and said "Here's some real weed!" and it was. Konrad took the first toke again and it was a big one because Shane lit it and told him to keep going even when he had enough. But it didn't bother us - MORE WEED!!!
Matt was next and took a big toke too. Then it was my turn and i enthusiasticly took a very large toke. And so we finished off the cone and we were stoned. It was good weed.
We started talking to him and since we were stoned we were laughing at everything. Shane didn't like Matt and started pushing shoving him around. Then he grabbed his boxers and pulled them up so high that Matt was begging for him to stop.

Eventually, about 40 seconds later, he let go. Matt and Konrad then went off (obviously pissed off) to find some more weed. Me and David stayed with them in hope for more weed. Shane started talking about how he hated Matt because he looked like Dennis Rodman. Shane then was getting horny and asked this girl who was with him at the time for a blo job. So me and David went off to look for Konrad and Matt. We Konrad them further up the park but Matt changed into his other "Terminator" personality which was created by a lot of weed and the BB gun.

He was walking around like he could kick anyones ass (although he was the weakest of all of us). We realized that it was too dangerous for him to be wandering the oval as terminator. He would probably shoot someone and get his head kicked in. I can't remember exactly how we gained control of him and got him home but it wasn't easy. We also had another ecounter with Shane and managed to get Matt home without Shane seeing him.

So we returned home at about 3 or 4 in the morning with a little more knowledge then before. I learnt to never get stoned with Matt or not to be around him when he's got that gun. Matt and Konrad were totally fucked and fell asleep while playing Goldeneye. Me and Dave stayed up a little longer looking at porn on the net.

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