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me and mushrooms

There was this one time i had left over shrooms after shrooming the night before.

There was this one time i had left over shrooms after shrooming the night before. i guess it was about 3-4 grams left and i decided since shrooms taste like shit i would mix them with honey before i went to school. so i dumped the rest of what was left in the honey. and drove to school. well i figured it would only last like 4 hours into like second period and some of my friends where drinking some jack daniels before school so i'd figure i'd get in on some of that. well as soon as i walked in first period and the bell rang i was fucking tripping. since i am lazy i signed up for a home ec type class. it was cool the girls made food while the guys sat and chilled and ate the food. well that day we were making some disgusting shitty banana bread. it fucking was horrible. and after eating shrooms i have to say the shroooms tasted better. well since you know shrooming enhances your taste and shit. that stuff was horrible. this is when i realized of out of date our school was with the hang down 60's lights and pale green and yellow walls. i was totally tripped out by the red lamp in the middle of the room with was burning like a candle upside down and was melting hot shit all over my friend desk. i got up in the middle of class and was like "watch out" and pushed him out of the way. well by now everyone thought i was psyco. i was like its going to drip hot wax on you. everyone was like what the fuck are you talking about. so i just said i was kidding for fear of looking like a pysco. i went and sat down and tried not to look at the dripping wax shit. it was really freaking me out. then i noticed a little crack in the wall by the door. i noticed it kept getting bigger and coming near me. i was like woah. it came real fast and knocked me and my chair in the hole. i was like dropping but floating in the air at the same time. i wasnt getting near the bottom just falling for ever. then my friend mike touched me and said " man you just fell back on your chair and i thought you hit your head, you alright??" i just mumbled something about falling and went to the bathroom where basically i threw up a few times. this was scary becuase i thought aliens were growing in my stomach and were running away everytime i threw up so i was chasing the little alien down the toilet. and went back to class where it just ended and walked on to second period but walking through the hall way people were all around me and a lot of people were talking to me. all i could do was stare blankly and walk by. well i ended up tripping all the way to the end of the school day. all and all it was as fun as first period was but it was alright.

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