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Material Liquid

THis is what i wrote when i was triping for the first time ever.

THis is what i wrote when i was triping for the first time ever. i only did about 2 grams so i was still able to communicate. i was fortunate to be with good friends who knew that i would want to write down everything going on in my head, so that is what this is; straight from the mind of a triper. enjoy:

Why cant I see this straight I see you of the time in space when I am irrealvant motion, lotion of a wave. Just know they’ve felt your flow ..its so blue and they all need to be words so that’s why I’m going slow, the simpsons are on and now the music plays and I’m typing a song in the world where all the universes come together and go as one. Combine us all together and let the material liquid come. You know you can feel it . don’t let it consume you . you have the will. You can break free. You are you’re childhood all the time this way. I’m drained upon all things because some people won’t let it happen. Drugs are the best to do when you want to feel the beat, feel everything within you. Come on inside me and feel the moisture. Everything is liquid melting digestive fluids and clouds all feel the same flow. Its come over . too many fucking containments I need to be free I cant have these things around. To much comunication in this world. Shut the hell up and do your shit. Everyday is a new one to feel and I will do mushrooms everyday from now until dusk of the dawns this will be published mark my word. I see these things that I need to share with everyone. I have to let it all out. I’m a spreading liquid all over. Spread me all over the world. There are chips in the room. Are they here anymore than I’m here if people do not awknowledge , this mother fucking red line won’t let me be. Me I am so in another place where colors are better and brighter and swirlier and the red lines and green lines don’t let me be. I hope that people don’t hate me cause then I would have to liquify and fly just like the knoll people knew before I ever did. He knew and I was unclear when all of a sudden bam I am here in a group when all I need is to be off in a dream of floating material liquids floating and spreading all over the world. All metal things are pushing me down and I just want to break through and it tries to consume me and I’m a snow ball floating on a breeze in the summertime gaze of bystanders watching the stars fly through time and place, irrelevant but for their own pleasures. I’m exploding all over the place, sharing my liquids cause all I want to do is share and be my childhood and remember all those things. How are these things in my brain? Why? I want to me growing inside you all. No one understands me. They’re all fucking with my open zone and inside pleasures of streams floating all liquiefied and happy. I’m happy and can’t believe that this is my life. And I will forever be shaped by these events that I cause to happen and unfold around me all on my island of water. Melting all around. Everyone just melt and feel one another. Dan is an island boy, happy and smiling with the coconut shine. He knows the aura of shining and wants to share it through his eyes. Eyes shine to me and so does your music. You know me bob and I love you. Its in a compressed cloud that you spread out of and be able to know what others think of your ideas and shit rambels. Fuck you red line, you will let it be ok. Please for me and I will show you the way. I cant believe I forgot about jello it is the best and I need to be outside hold on. I’m slowly losing the feel. I need to run like a buffalo soldier and dance to the music. Forget your problems and sickness and dance. Forget everything and dance. Burn with fire and me belly full but me hungry so me fill it. you can feel my pain.

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