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Marshall Applewhite's Space Adventure

Excuse me for the title.

Excuse me for the title. I think he was a funny guy.

The cosmic pilots consisted of three, including myself. I live in a town that is surrounded
by armies of trees and mountains of grass. I usually trip in urban settings as I attend
college in Los Angeles. I brought Golden Teacher mushrooms capsules via airport so that
my two best friends and I could share the experience together for our first time. We started
the adventure at my house at 7:00 P.M. We took 3 capsules each and took the other 3 twenty
minutes later to smooth out the train ride. 3 grams total to be exact. I could feel the
"precensce" of the mushroom the moment it hit the lining of my stomach.

We all slip into the backyard and sit on the grass. The sun is still bright and burning. We begin to laugh at
nothing. Uncontrollable laughter. Silence and then more laughter. The
feeling would come on in waves. I begin to stare at the grass. Rivers of brown earth
cut through the grass. The grass begins to multiply and shift. "Do you see this?", John
asks. I am enraptured. The skies above begin to darken. It feels like I am drifting off to
sleep but I know its all in my mind. Everything is going black but I feel extremely calm.
I feel like the tide is pulling me under. I've never felt this before.

We all get up and decide to walk to the nearby elementary school.
There are children playing, throwing rocks at eachother.
I make my way for the swings and get going. I can't stop laughing again. I can hardly hold
the chains of the swing as I fly into the sky. I am going so high and so fast and I can't stop laughing.
We must look crazy. We're all laughing now and I have to get off this swing because it
won't stop moving!

It's getting late. The moon is full and the stars are begining to show their smile. We sit
cross legged on an empty field. I can't see straight. We've smoked too much pot as usual. I keep thinking
about the darkness I felt earlier. When I think about it I begin to feel the "precense" again. Instead
of darkness there is white light this time. A fluttering of white light in my vision. This fluttering effect happened
3 times on the trip. It has happened to me before on previous trips, I just never noticed what it
was. I still don't know what "it" is. We go back to my house. The trip is coming down but we are
all still very gone. I decide we should switch locations and go out of the city and retreat into the
hills. My friends object but we drive anyway. It's rather easy but NOT RECOMENDED for the inexperienced cosmic pilot. Know your limits and know yourself before you put anyone else in danger. We felt good as we drove into the night.

We get up to the moutains and park the car in a ditch. No one ever comes up here except high schoolers that
can't find any other place to get laid. We can see the entire town from this angle. The hills are bathed in pale blue moonlight. I see a big star in the distance. It doesn't look
like a star though, more like a comet or better yet, a UFO! I'd like to think it was a UFO but we all have
active imaginations and the mushrooms only intesified that. I begin to shout at the white light, "Do something damn you! This is boring." A pair of headlights are seen coming around the bend. A Honda
Accord in desperate need of a loud muffler cuts through the bend and speeds past us. The car parks. Just a
couple of kids doing the same thing we're doing we all assume. 10 minutes goes by. The car speeds off, back
down the hill. We all notice the comet again. Another set of headlights are seen coming around the bend.
This time the lights are much brighter and the engine louder. The vehicle stops and I walk up to it. My friends stand behind my car while I handle the situation. I'm thinking that it is a truck filled with other teenagers looking to reclaim their turf. The vehicle turns out to be an ambulance. Two paramedics sit inside and ask me if I've had an accident. "No." I reply. "Well we were told there was an accident up here." I can
hardly speak to this female paramedic sitting in the passenger seat. All I can see is that red medic symbol
floating everywhere. The tracers and the trip have come back in FULL FORCE. We all can feel it. I walk
away from the ambulance and back to my friends. We are all very confused with our backs to the
paramedics. The ambulance engine continues to idle. I feel idle as well and very weird. I turn around and see the paramedics staring at us. The ambulance speeds off, acceding into the mountain. "What the fuck was that?!" we all yell. Another set of headlights comes around the bend. The engine doesn't sound nearly as powerful.
A spotlight comes on, blinding my black, dilated, bloodshot eyes. I recognize that spotlight. It's our
friend the neighborhood sheriff. My friends stay back at my car. John wants to get inside but I say no. The
keys are in my pocket. The shefiff gets out and shines his light at me. I turn my eyes away. "What are
you all doing up here?" He asks. "Enjoying the night." I reply. "Are you 21?" "Yes." "Have you been
drinking?" "No. (But we're tripping balls and you look really funny right now with your cop outfit!)" "Get over to the car." He uses his flashlight to inspect my car. All of us remain very calm. We all talked about
it later but we all felt a similar sense of peace and acceptance for the situation at the time. This was the end of the show I thought to myself. "You can't stay up here. You're going to have to leave." the cop announces after what felt like an eternity. I'm holding in the laughter. "Thank you officer."
We all get back into the car. The sheriff speeds up the hill, following the ambulance. We decend back to the base of the mountain and I can still see millions of colors and geometrical patterns in my vision. We screamed and hollered the entire drive down, trying to piece together what just happened. The rest of the trip tapered off after this. By the time we made it
back down the hill, it was midnight. We drove back to Steve's house, smoked more pot and called it a night.


As I drifted to sleep mode I was still trying to make sense of the night's events. I remember something. I remember after I took the mushrooms I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror
and asked for guidance and asked for the mushroom to protect us. I don't know if it was coincidence, the
mushrooms or good luck but we are grateful for whatever it was that brought us home safely.

Peace. Be safe.

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