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Marlboro Man

man i am coming down from a real hard fuckin trippy experience you say how much?

man i am coming down from a real hard fuckin trippy experience you say how much??????

well what i did was i got some dryed shrooms and i stuck em in a coffee grinder i filled 20 big capsules with the powder and made coffee with the remains of the powder i started swallowing the capsules with the shroom coffee it took a round 5 mins to finnish all of them and the coffee

i waited around 30 mins then they started kikin in i went upstairs to my room and attempted to watch "the crow" the shit didnt werk out i coundt pay attention so i cut of the tv and lay on my back on my bed staring at the wall in front of me i started to hear a thumping it got louder and louder until i thought that my cuzin in australia could hear it then i focused in on a marlboro man poster on my wall the dude was on his horse and he was coming toward me fast the horse's feet were not moving but he kept coming and like a ghost train he moved right thru me that freaked me out pretty good so i went down stairs grabed an icehouse beer and returned to my room as i walked in to my room i could smell weed smoke i looked over at my computer chair and there was this big ass motherfukin alein sitting in it smokeing a blunt i kept asking for a hit but all he did was stare at me finaly this mutherfukin alein pissed me off good and i tryed to grab the blunt from him and my hand went right thru him then he slowly dissappeared. man that shit was fukin trippiy as hell

i only wrote the good parts down here

Phrantik toker

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