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March 20th First Time

It was March 20th.

It was March 20th...i had never done shrooms before...i had planned to get me an 8th after school that day. After school my boi Rashad gives me a ride home...and i had some Dro that was 70 an 8th...We matched a cigarillo in his car. Then he dropped me off at the crib. Right when i got inside i had realized that i had left my backpack in the trunk of his car. I call him. He says he can bring it to me that following sunday. I fiqured he wasnt gonna give it back.

But later that night i called up my boy Gangster (the guy with shrooms), he says he sold em to Hudson, and that Hudson would sell em to me for 35 dollars for 4 grms..Hudson was a lil skeptical becuase he didnt know me...but in the end he sold em to me and apparently hooked me up..but i thought i got ripped off..

So then i eat ALL the shrooms with no other food mixed..shrooms dont really taste all that bad... I thoguth i got ripped off becuase 2 hours later i felt nothin but maybe a lil bit of a body buzz that i had had since i had taken them.

It had been about 1.5 hours since i took them and i was with my boy Chris and Dane..and we were walkin...and for some reason i had split up with chris and dane because i just wasnt fealin myself..and so then i was walkin towards my house alone...then it started kickin in..

I was walkin and the street signs just seemed to POP up from the ground as i walked by...there was a sign of a Pedestrian goin over a crosswalk...and it looked like the sign actually had a stick fiqure on it and the stick fiqure was smiling at me with a fat ass blunt in his mouth..the trees too would just pop up...

Then i decided to just lay down in the middle of the side walk...just becuase the sky looked so "lovely"...then i looked at my watch and it waws 9:00pm...then i decided to get up and continue walkin to my house...then when i got up it looked like i was in this big feild..

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