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Mantis' power

Hey there!

Hey there! This is my first trip on Psilocybe. I've found only a big one close to my grandfa's lil farm.
I ate him about 9:30 pm, with empty stomach. Then, i felt like vomiting, so i smoked some ganja (you know, anti-emetic stuff). Then i went out of the house, there was a sky FULL of stars. There was cold like hell! Almost freezeing! But i stand there, smoking and waiting. Then, everything just frost, as if what i was seeing was just an image and the real world could be different. Then, a truck passed by the sand road in front of the farm. I saw a truck, pulling a lot of wagons with wood, and i thought it was some kilometers of wagons, then, when he was climbing the hill up, away, i saw, it was just a normal truck, with no wagons! Weird!
Then, i began listening to all the sounds of night in the 'jungle'. I could hear just everything. That was a dark night, but i could even see more than a dog, wich was playing with a black cat, he couldn't see the cat, but i could. I also talked to them, and a weird animal (i think it was an ally) came to us. It was like a catdog, or a dogcat. White, i never seen it. The other animals stopped playing around and talked to he. I got scared, but i talked with he too.
Then, it was tooo cold and late, i had to get in. My body was really tired, but my mind has never been running so fast! WHen i went to bed and tried to sleep, i was seing lots of colors of closed eyes. Then it happened to me: i began morphing phisically! I've acquired a deformed form at first, square head and face. Then i transformed myself into an alien, almost like Alien of the movie. Then, finally i went into the best of all forms: the Mantis form. It was really wonderful to be a mantis! Lucky me it was dark and i was in my bed, imagine if someone around see a 1,75m tall green mantis just walking around!

By words, we cant tell a experience, no trip report can describe a trip in its richness. That's why im kinda against these stuff of trip reports, but anyway...!

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