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At the club

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my first time i ate some mushrooms was one night at a club, during my managers birthday party...i did not have alot of drugs that night so i decided to eat my little bit of mushrooms(.75 grams) and poped a pill of e. i remember i got really happy and i was dancing all night. we ended up only staying for about 2 hours before i took a girl home to smoke some bud. as me and this girl were smoking i began to felt really weird. i had totally forget about eating mushrooms untill i looked up and noticed my faek tree was dancing. naturally i was like "what the fuck is going on here" then i looked off into the hallway and this is when i entered my 3D worlds. i was having vivid visuals of all sorts of different shapes and patterns. at one point i thought i was in a video game and just as i thought i was going to win and mess of lucky charms flew by. this was particulary interesting cause my roommate and a few other friends that were at the club that night showed up. they started laughing when i told thmw about the lucky charms. they asked what was going on and the girl i was with said i was tripping on mush, everyone thought it was cool and was asking me what i was seeing... i remember i could clearly describe everyhting that was going on inside my head, it was as if cartoons were shuddering off scene after scene inside my head. and i provided the diaglouge for the whole thing...it was the most awesome experience of my life, since then ive eaten muchrooms many times but never felt like that the first time...
las vegas

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