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mall funn

well, the most fun i've ever had was when me and my buddy went tripping.

well, the most fun i've ever had was when me and my buddy went tripping. we decided to do it at the mall, cause we didn't want to go home, and we knew the mall really well. so we just got some burger n ate them. we have this bench that we always sit at, so we went and sat there for about 1 and a half hours, just laughing our asses off. some guy came up to us, n was like "ehy bussies, move over". we start to move but we bring the whole bench with us cause we ALL moved over, he tries to sit down and fall flat on his ass. we couldn't stop laughing for like 10 min. then we heard the security gaurds, they were just like "those guys have been there for like 2 hours... just laughing..!!"

we said the most stpuid shit ever. we couldn't say couch. we would be like "COOOOuuuuuuwwwwwwCH" lol, or "Tiiiiiiiiiimmmmme". every couple of words were elongated haha
my buddies like "i have to pasties, we gotta go to TACO- OH - TIME!!!".
then we tried getting money out of a ATM, but the fucking machine would change screens all the time, and be in french sometimes, i was like "FUCK I HATE THIS" and like ran to a bench and sat down again lol. my buddy was looking for the ATM hes like "WHERE THE FUCK IS IT??" my other buddy says, "right in front of you!!" he replys "no man!! thats a pole.. you idiot..." then my other buddy says, "NO! INFRONT OF THE POLE!!!" and hes like "ohhhhh..!!"

ohh then we took a bus ride swimming!! :D the bus ride was very fun haha
but the most fun was the swimming. we had zero ambition and initiative lol. it took us like 30 min to get dressed, cause we were always like "AWwww.. we have to take off our pants.. AND SHIRT??? fuck.. omg and my socks, this is SOOO hard...".
when we went swimming, we went in the hop tub, and my buddy pulls out this wrist band. we were all so amazed because of the bubbles, and then we saw the band and were like "WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU GET THAT?" hes like "the shower :D" and then we laughed for another 10 min.
then we took a sauna lol. the walls were moving and waving!! and we started talking about a bus, with a pool in it, and a cheeseburger, with a movie... and people were laughing the fuck at us. we just laughed back. then we got dressed and went home.

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