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Make it stop!

11/25/99- last night was such a turning point for me.

last night was such a turning point
for me. My boyfriend and I decided
that it was time to expierence the
power of the mushroom. We went to his
friends house and we all- his friend,
his friends girl, my boyfriend and
myself ate them around 9pm. About
9:20 I was sitting on the floor
laughing uncontrollably. No one else
had seem to being feeling the effects
yet except my boyfriend who was lying
on the couch with his palms soaking
wet. He said he thought he might puke
and didn't want anyone to touch him.
That's when it all began... Moments
after that I expierenced more visuals
than I had ever encountered before. I
was feeling intensly overwhelhmed and
started to panic. My first mistake. I
thought that maybe if I tried to
throw up I would feel better. Instead
I spent an hour in the bathroom dry
heaving. That was my second mistake,
knowing that once they had taken
affect I would just have to ride it
out. So I go into the other room and
lay down. I started to feel like I
was going insane. I felt like satan
was everywhere and for about an hour
I had to stay in the company of my
friends in fear that I thought I
would kill myself. That lasted a good
2 hours. I started to pray and
promise god that I would never do it
again. I started to feel better and
we popped in a movie. we laughed and
joked and I kept reminding myself
that I was around people who loved me
and I would be fine. About 5 hours
into it my boyfriend decided it was
time to head home- Mistake number 3.
We got to the end of the court and
got out and walked back. The visuals
were still going strong. We were all
tired so we tried to sleep and
eventually fell asleep around 4 am.
I never really realized until last
night how easy it was and how close I
could get to losing all sense of
reality and going nuts. I don't think
I'll be doing them for a while but it
made me see things in a whole
different light- so to all you
shroomers- please dose responsibly
cause you never know what's out

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