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Major 1st time Trip

I felt very carefree, very very lucid.

I felt very carefree, very very lucid. It felt like reality was just a dream and I was merely walking around in it. There were no preparations made, but Virdigo was taken about two hours before the first dose. About two hours after the first dose I started to notice things, little bugs flying everywhere, and sometimes ladybugs on my arm that were not really there. Felt very happy, like everything was perfect and like I was doing a million things at one time even though I was standing still. The "real" trip didn't come until an hour later when everything in front of me started to turn and twist all around me, trees were twisting around and so was everything else. I then began to see nothing but black, with my eyes wide open, bursts of intense colors started flashing everywhere. I litterally felt as if I was completely weightless, completely. Then, this was at night, I look at my cell phone and it looked like a ball of burning light in my hands, it was too trippy!

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