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Mailboxes are cool.

Last night was my first time trying shrooms.

Last night was my first time trying shrooms. I was with my 2 best friends, I'll call them S and C. We had been trying to get hooked up with shrooms for about a month, and finally we were able to get 1/4 oz. So after working, we all went to C's house and made us some peanut butter-mushroom sandwhichs. We all didn't seem to taste them. All they tasted like was a crunchy peanut butter sandwhich. After eating them, our stomachs felt sort of tingly, and we had minor nautious feelings. About 25-30 minutes later, the lights seemed to get a little brighter and my vision was a little wavy and slow. I then got off the couch I was sitting in and sat on the floor. The rug was pretty damn cool. I was rubbing my fingers on it and it seemed to just mold into and around my fingers. While I was amused by the rug, S was busy playing with a plastic zebra that he claimed talked to him. C was busy playing Final Fantasy VII, and when he went to shut it off, he realized he couldn't get off the couch, like he was stuck there. In order to get off the couch, he fell forward and hit the floor pretty hard. We all just started laughing, and everything after that seemed funny. We were all in C's basement experimenting with just about everything he had. Then C told me to go upstairs in order to get his contact stuff. So I went up into the bathroom, and as soon as I looked in the mirror I almost died. It looked like I had huge black rings under my eyes. So I quickly retrieved the materials for C and jolted out of the bathroom. On the way down, I noticed a scary looking doll in a glass display case. It looked amazing so I stared at it for a minute, then I noticed that it was staring directly back at me into my eyes, and I could've swore that it moved its arm. So I went back into C's basement to find S standing up kind of waving his body all around and getting into the Incubus CD we were listening to. Then S told me to go into the bathroom and he was in front of the mirror drooling into the sink. He said it felt awesome, but I thought it was disgusting. After we got bored of C's basement, we decided to all go outside. This is where I experienced the heaviest part of my trip. We went outside, smoked some cigs, and walked down his road. As we were walking, the trees were dancing left to right, waving around in a daze. We got into this whole conversation about what we don't like about eachother, and we all ended up feeling like dirt. After thism we all kind of went our own way on his street. S and C started talking, and I walked ahead into C's cul de sac up his road. I noticed a strange light on the top of one of the driveways, and I was too scared to continue by myself, so I went back to find S and C to come with me. As I neared them, I noticed that they both had got a little emotional and then they both calmed down. C stayed on his yard while me and S went to see what that weird light was. As we got closer, we thought it was a house light, but it turned out to be a guy's mailbox. For some reason, this guy had 2 lights illuminating his mailbox from behind, giving it a really cool look. We stared at the mailbox for a long time. The top of the mailbox started to seperate from the post and then it would return again. After about 3 or 4 minutes, me and S went down to see how our buddy C was doing all by himself. We found him smoking a cig and thinking to himself. We told him to come check out the incredibly awesome mailbox we had discovered, but he decided to stay. Me and S went to check it out again, this being the most amazing thing me and him ave ever seen. After another 3 minutes of checking it out, I thought I had seen a light turn on in the guy's house who owned the mailbox. We both started running as fast as we could, until we reached C again. By this time, I was talking way too much for both of them and they told me to go find something cool again. So I went on to discoved a plastic box in his C's neighbor's yard. This box looked like it had an eyebrow ring and it was smiling at me. I told S to come look at it and I think he thought I was crazy. On the way back to C's house, S noticed "Freddy Krueger." Turned out to be just a light post. When we got back into C's basement, we all felt so good and every part of my body was tingling. We had a LOOOOONG discussion on how things don't get appreciated enough. I was talking about how a plastic cat ball doesn't get appreciated enough, even though it serves its purpose well as a cat ball. This conversation lasted for what seemed like an hour. Then we all got into another discussion about how humans are greedy, and how people, music, and television brainwash and mold us into what society wants us to be. We finally got a little tired and S picked up his plastic zebra again and told me he felt safe sleeping as long as his zebra was next to him. When trying to fall asleep, I was looking at the wall and ceiling swirl around taking on different shapes. When I closed my eyes and listened to the TV, I saw a plastic submarine heading towards the moon in the blackness of my closed eyes. S told me he saw someone signing a contract to become a Monopoly game piece. By the time I fell asleep it was about 4:30 AM. We all had a great time and I am looking forward to my time to trip on shrooms.

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