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magical wonderland: first trip

weird for sure, but not knowing what to expect, i guess i just thought it wasn't "working.

weird for sure, but not knowing what to expect, i guess i just thought it wasn't "working." we each had eaten a half 1/8, but since i

felt so behind, i decided to eat another half 1/8. so for a while i just chilled and listened to music and to Nick and Payo

describing what they were feeling. i decided to get up to go to the bathroom, still thinking nothing was happening. when i looked at

my reflection, the skin on my face started to boil, and the little bubbles were all perfectly arranged. the reflection of the slanted

ceiling behind me (which has a popcorn-like texture) started to breathe and flow like lava. bathrooms would prove to be very

interesting places that night. at this point i knew i was tripping and went back into my room to join Nick and Payo. we all wanted to

go for a walk. i think this was around 7:10

we started walking toward this dirt road near my house, half of which is surrounded by thick woods. on the way we just kept noticing

the intricate patterns of the bark on trees, and how amazing everything in nature was. we were wondering how we could have looked at

all of this every day and never noticed how amazing it is. once we got to the dirt road, you could really see the sky and the stars

and we kept stopping just to admire them. Payo said she felt like we were all in a snowglobe, plastic scenery and all, and she was

exactly right. i thought we would all see different things but it seemed like we were really connected all night. it was like i could

see all the same things i saw before but now i was focusing on different parts. it's really a hard thing to explain. anyway, it

seemed like we were walking down this street for hours, but it couldn't have been more than 15 minutes. there were huge holes of

water in the dirt road and we were fascinated with our reflections in the puddles, and i felt like i could move the reflections of

the stars with my mind. we continued walking around the block back to my house, just gazing at trees and marvelling at our snow

globe. for a quiet neighborhood, it seemed like tons of cars were going by and i started to think that all the people in the plastic

homes knew we were tripping somehow and they were out to stop us. i wanted to get back to my house. at this point, a police car

pulled up beside us (really.) he told us that they were called due to "5 or 6 youths on the dirt road, possibly drinking." i

convinced him that i lived nearby and we were just going for a walk, and he drove away. i was so, so angry after this. i thought it

was so ridiculous to live in a world where you can't even walk around and look at everything without someone asking questions. we had

a couple more unfortunate encounters with the evil "other" people in my snow globe neighborhood, but this is getting too long.

back in my room, we were talking about how amazingly fun my house is, and how we could have this kind of fun there all the time. i

suggested that we go to Payo and Nick's house in the next town and off we went.i thought driving would be hard but it was really easy

and fun and exciting. when we got to their house, Nick wanted to show us this hut in the woods where he sometimes came to smoke and

just chill. we all sat down inside and their cat sat outside. i could hear a man sneezing and i got really worried for Chuck (the

cat.) Payo went to save him and we walked back. when we looked at the clock, we thought it must have been midnight at least but it

was still only 8pm. i've read that you peak about 2 hours into a trip but at this point, i felt it was the most intense. i remember

telling nick that his house was a magical wonderland. it really was too. we sat down in the living room with their younger sister

Katie (12.) some of the things she was saying really started to bother me, it was like i knew she was trying to act "cool" in front

of us, and i wanted to scream at her to stop it, because it was such a waste of her time and thought and energy. we put on some home

movies of Katie from when she was about three, and i have never been more amazed at anything in my life. "Little kids are amazing!"

(they really are!) looking at her skin and her eyes.. she was like this amazing robot who could do so many things, it was like i

could see her body working. she started screaming on the video, and her skin started to look like the skin of a corpse.. decayed and

grey, and i started getting really scared because i thought she was posessed and was going to come out of the screen and hurt me. she

kept turning into like.. a little demon or something. it was fucked!

i could see so many patterns everywhere on the video.. the carpet and the swimming pool were filled with geometric patterns that were

in changing colors, it was so amazing and beautiful, and they were just part of nature. i knew they were there all the time and i

just had never been able to see on the correct frequency before. outside, all the snow looked like it was made of little cookie-

cutter flower shapes. i got up to do some more bathroom-mirror examination, and this time it was way more intense. my reflection and

the walls were all breathing with me as i breathed. my eyes (and everyone's for that matter) looked very strange all night.. like

they were the main, driving force of my entire body & mind. that the eyes controlled everything.

we decided to go exploring in Katie's room (every wall/cieling is painted a different flourescent shade), and it was so amazing. even

though all the walls were different colors, they all blended together where they connected, and i started wondering if there was some

deeper meaning to that. Katie got out her baby pet Iguana so we could play with it, and this was probably the most interesting thing

that happened all night. it was like... i understood that there was a real being inside his body and somehow we were the same. i put

out my finger and he would roll out his tongue to touch my finger and gently nibble on it, and i wanted to cry because it was so

amazing. i couldn't get over the intricacies of his skin and this complicated mechanism that was his body. they really are amazing


anyway that's most of what was worth describing, although nothing i said did the experience justice. if anyone is reading this

thinking about a mushroom trip, i strongly reccommend it! it can make you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed at times but it was

definitely the best time i ever had, and i probably won't ever look at the world in the same way. even now, i'm so amazed and

appreciative of the "natural" technology all around us, and i hope that you all get to trip with people you're close to, because it

made the experience so nice. :o)

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