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Magical Species

I've always wanted to write in this.

I've always wanted to write in this. I remember reading all the trip reports just waiting to experience one for myself.This is my 3rd time doing it but my 1st time writing.
Me and my freind found a large patch of mushrooms in a neihbors yard. After discovering that these were stunztii's we decided to consume. We each had about 40 shrooms and they were kinda dry because he picked them the night before.We found a place to eat them then it started to rain.
About 45 minutes later we were at another friends house ( he did not know we took mushrooms) As we were talkin about video games i suddenly found myself laughing at one of the characters in the game. I decided it were best if i went inside the bathroom. Inside the bathroom i noticed the walls were moving in and out. And everything seemed so fake. I went back to the room and they decided to put in a movie called space odysee 2001( i dont know if i spelled that correct). This movie is very trippy but makes no sense. It showed all these monkeys and I was very confused. The monkeys sudenly began to marvel at this large thing coming out of the ground and all of them were shouting. Me and my friend began to laugh at this. I looked away from the TV screen and noticed the walls were moving. I then began to think of what a level 5 trip wpuld be like (i never had one yet) I closed my eyes and began to see patterns and very colorful mushrooms every where.
Then i suddenly had the urge to play a video game. I made sure that my friend wanted to do the same thing. We played a 007 game and decided to fight.I felt like i was inside the game and found it frightning when i died..then seconds later i would laugh at this. I soon realized that we had to get goin. I thought my trip was settling down, but as soon as i stepped outside i suddenly felt extremely high. I enjoyed this and began to laugh with my friend.
We rode our bikes down his drive way and I felt like i was in a Pod racer from Star wars episode one speeding out of a canyon. I started screaming and i couldnt stop( the screaming was happy screaming). We decided to go on a bridge and look off to nature and water. This was fun because it seemed so fake. And the trees began to move and everything looked like a mushroom. As we walked our bikes up a hill I thought the trees were ancient spirits and we decided to ask for wisdom. Soon face on the trees appeard and Aztec drawings appeared in the bushes and people were dancing. I thought i was in lord of the rings and kept thinking everything was so magical. I soon found many answers to many questions. My friend began to think that we were extremely far from our destination and explained to me that we had a daunting task to perform. I thought about this and then i laughed explaining to him our destination was extremely close. As I rode it seemed as if I was being carried in an alien space craft that I could not see or hear. Then I discovered that aliens live amongst us. We can't see them or hear them or feel them. And the aliens had the same perspective. We dont know they were there. And they dont know were here. I said "only the power of magical mushrooms could manifest such an idea." We went back to his house and his sister was home but no parents. We loved this so we hopped on the computer and went to all sorts of site. Soon my dad came to pick me up and he had to go to work. By then the shrooms were wearin off. He went to work and I went home. And now the same day I am writing to you.Thank you for reading my trip report. I love mushrooms and you should too

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