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Magic Tea

This trip was my first on any kind of psychodelic substances (ok, I guess pot is technically classified a psychodelic, but it's not really in the same ballpark trip-wise).

This trip was my first on any kind of psychodelic substances (ok, I guess pot is technically classified a psychodelic, but it's not really in the same ballpark trip-wise). Me and a couple friends (who had tripped before on shrooms and acid) picked up 6g of dried psilocybin shrooms and made 3 cups of mushroom tea with them. So we each downed 2g in tea form and waited for the magic to start.

The coming up phase was mildly unpleasant. A feeling of light-headedness, dizzyness and a little upset stomach. So we went into my friend's room and sat down. I was explaining to my friend's girlfriend how the effect was kind of like when you're so hungry that you're shaky and numb, when in mid-sentence it hit me. The effect shifted in about half a second. My stomach felt fine, my head cleared, and all of a sudden the walls in the room had these tiny swirls of color moving and rippling across them.

So I said "wow. The wall's got some swirly stuff on it". And my friend said "if you think that's cool, have a look at the carpet!". So I did. And I couldn't believe it. The pattern in the carpet was boiling, swaying and swirling. I looked at it really hard, but no matter how hard I focused on the image it still looked like it was moving. Totally visually real, right down to each strand of carpet fiber moving in unison with the rest when viewed from up close.
So I looked around and the carpet swirls had joined together to form a sort of swirling river that was flowing out the door into the hallway. I was throughoughly impressed with this new substance! For some reason I kept asking my friends where the carpet was flowing to, and what it was trying to accomplish by flowing (as if they had any more clue than I!).

At that point we decided to go for a walk in the woods. You know, to connect with nature and all that good stuff. I tried to put on my jacket, but I just couldn't figure it out. The jacket was this formless lump of material with no apparent purpose. Took me a good couple of minutes to figure out where the arm holes were and get it on.

So we walked through the neighborhood at night and it seemed like we were walking through a movie set. Like everything around me wasn't real. That the houses were just plywood facades and the cars made out of cardboard or something. Like a dream.

The we walked out underneath some power lines, and the way the moon was and the way the landscape was layed out reminded me of that dreamy beach scene from the movie "Contact" where jodie foster talks to her father. Just really dreamy and pleasant and fantastical. The moon was at the end of a long swirling tunnel of clouds that streched towards me.

Then we got into the woods. The moon was shining through the branches and illuminating this little creek. It was beautiful. By then my two friends were starting to go a little funny. They'd been arguing a bit on the way over and eventually my friend's girlfriend wondered up ahead on the trail and we lost her. At that point my friend went completely nuts and ran off the trail into the shrubs leaving me alone, lost in the woods at night tripping my brains out.

That should, by all logic have been the perfect conditions to throw me into a bad trip, but I felt so calm and happy and contented just sitting looking at trees and listening to the water that I didn't mind at all.

But I couldn't find either my friend or his girlfriend anywhere, so I headed back to the house. On the way I reflected on my life, the peculularity of human civilization, and how cool plants looked as I walked past them.

I got back to the house, sat down and came down. My friends came back from the woods and we sat and talked about the whole experience. All in all, a helluva great introduction to the wide world of psychodellic mushrooms, and an experience I'm eager to repeat in the future!

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