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Mad Saturday

It was a beautiful sunny saturday evening, just as the sun was begining to wind it's way slowly down.

It was a beautiful sunny saturday evening, just as the sun was begining to wind it's way slowly down..
Previous plans to spend the night shrooming in fields had been squashed and I was wondering what to do that evening. Still slightly tipsy from a BBQ earlier that day, I rang an old friend from school to find out if he had plans..

My first works - "Have you had any stimulants yet?"
"Nope", he replied in a wierd tone...
"Don't! I've got a bollock load of shrooms in, get up here now!!"
And that was that sorted...

Slowly and carefully I picked my crop (I grow my own Stropharia cubensis) and must have got about 35 large/medium shrooms..
So far, I've only eaten about 7/8 of these mushies in one go for a nice level 2, this time I was ready to go a bit further.

So we chop em all up into tiny bits and boil up a brew, go and sit upstairs and skin a few up for the ride..
Once the brew's done, we get a big mug each and 500ml for later...

Down to the park for sunset methinks. So off we go, joints in hand and the first signs of little rushes just starting. A couple of kids are on our bench so we hit the grass about 10 foot away expecting them to disappear soon.
The next part mystifies me, it turns out that they are an 11yr and his 12yr brother that live about 2 houses away from me, skinning up and trying to toke from a poor attempt at a bong. So we blag em to let us have a go, realise the extent of the shoddy construction and show em how to make a better pipe. (I know, don't encourage the kids but the were at it anyway)
Everything starts to get a bit wierd as the sun sets and the colours get brighter and more intense, the sun's highlights on the clouds were beautiful and I just lay there in awe at the sky for about 10 min while my mate argued with a blagging kid.

After about an hour we got bored, smoked what we'd rolled and set of back to mine. Rolled a couple more, did a few hits from the bong and wandered slowly down to my mates flat. At this point the rushes were really intense but still on a nice low level. I felt great.
We got to the flat and I knew I wanted more shrooms, this would be my 7th time and I've never been past level 2 because I was being pretty catious. So I asked my mate if he wanted to share the 500ml we'd got left, he was pretty of his bonce at the time and declined - so I started slowly swigging this beautiful strawberry mushy brew.
More smoke, more brew.

Somehow, I ended up getting the whole brew down without really noticing, I kind of forgot what it was and was just drinking it..

An hour later it really hit me. My knew I was in a state. I'd be sitting there staring at the wall for ten minutes until he'd break me out of it. Then i'd just burst out laughing..
We put on the UV light and a candle and smoked another j - thank God for rolling machines, how anyone can skinup on mushies is beyond me...

The candle and some postcards of the wall started moving. Slowly at first, then left and right (staying the same vertically). I could feel the energy building up inside the candle, it felt like it was about to explode, I just knew something was about to happen...
It shot out multicoloured laser beams at the still moving postcards - space invaders style. The candle was rapidly moving left and right trying to take out the postcards with its laser. Each time a hit made contact, it would explode into a giant ball of colour like a firework on the wall, then slowly fading back into view for another go..
It was wierd. The postcards kept moving closer to othe candle as it was franticly pumping out the laser beams. As soon as one got to the bottom, that was it.. The wall went back to normal - GAME OVER.

Since we were on the 7th floor of a tower block, we decieded to open the window wide (can't jump out!) and sit looking out over the city. We had long chats about how you see everything from a different angle and laughed at the mad shit we were both seeing. In my head I was talkiing to a tree on the ground below us, I asked how it was and IT DEFINATELY REPLIED, it just replied in 'tree' so I couldn't understand. (!! heheh)

There's loads more to write about, I just havn't got the time.. (@work, heh)
We both learnt a lot, had a great night.

One thing did seem really wierd tho. When I was coming down, I realised we both been staring at the wall in front of us for well over 3 hours. It was like watching a film.. That freaked me a little, i just couldn't belive i'd seen all that shit 4 foot away from me...

happy shrooming - and TAKE CARE.
(p.s. I havn't checked through this so ignore any spelling mistakes!)

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