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Ok, so i bought 4 g's of shrooms last week.

Ok, so i bought 4 g's of shrooms last week. I got 2 for myself and 2 for a friend. This was only going to be my second experience with shrooms, and it was my friend's first time. We ate the mushrooms as soon as we got out the lake. We started playing cards as i thought it would take roughly 45 minutes for them to kick in. Not these ones. They kicked in within 20 minutes, so we stopped playing cards and decided to watch Jerry Maguire. I barely even watched the movie. My arms looked as though there were gears from a machine inside them, and there were chains flowing towards my hands and fingers. A couple of the walls in the cabin we were in had wood panelling and it seemed as though the panels were moving in and out on the sides, and the drapes looked they had a purple glow around them and it looked like they were moving forward and backward in sync with my breathing. Then i looked at the rug on the floor which was braided and seemed like there was an energy source of some kind flowing through it, almost as though it was glowing. That was my absolute best experience tripping and i am planning on buying some more for next weekend for when we go out to the lake again.

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