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I took about 3g's of dried cubensis a couple of weeks ago at around 10:30 pm.

I took about 3g's of dried cubensis a couple of weeks ago at around 10:30 pm. For some reason, it takes me a long time to feel the effects of mushroom, usually a couple of hours. The beginning of my trip is mainly just intensely thoughtful. I write a lot about what I am up to with my life in general during this initial period.

When I write, a kind of neon blue light suffuses my handwriting. Although my prose under the influence of psilocybin is pretty banal -- more like a personal journal than anything else -- I feel inspired and very clear, as if I were playing creative riffs on a musical instrument. I feel like Jimi Hendrix.

The most vivid part of my trip is after about four hours, when I try to go to sleep. In the halfway zone between being awake and dreaming, I see some amazing things. I think of this zone as a door to to my unconscious mind, although under psilocybin it seems like a door to another dimension or many other dimensions.

I have visions of strange, grassy or leafy, wavy creatures called "Luderoons". They appear to be controlled in a coherent symbiosis by a central intelligence that looks like a slightly comical almost elephant-like alien in Star Wars. The organism seems to have the intelligence of a dog, with a slightly foolish aspect, although it is also somewhat menacing due to its large size. It seems to have the ability to trap humans in a kind of leafy spiritual quicksand, leaving them dumbstruck, silly, ridiculous.

I see green, leafy psychedelic patterns with lots of detail sliding across the surface of the organism.

In another vision, I see a large insect-like complex that seems to be an alien power or to exist on some mystical plane: it has sharp wing-like edges in intricate psychedelic patterns. It is apparently indifferent or slightly hostile to human presence

I also have a vision of a rough-running, machine-like fighting being, slightly the worse for wear, smoky, like an old army tank -- this could have been a projection of myself.

Just as I drop off to sleep, I see a spirit creature that has human shape, but is like a photographic negative, and covered with a grid, as if drawn by a computer program. This creature lurks just below the bank of what seems to be a river. He seems to want to make contact with me but is shy or reticent.

I fall asleep.

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