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Love in a bag

I'm a 17/F from Canada and this is my best trip experience.

I'm a 17/F from Canada and this is my best trip experience. It was Hallowe'en of '00 and some friends and I had all agreed that we were going to drop shrooms, go tick-or-treating and then end up back at this coffee house/art gallery for drinks.

This was actually only my second time and my first time hadn't been that great, I just felt stoned and fuzzy for a few hours. That time we had bought the shrooms from some guy at school, but this time one of my friends introduced me to a girl she knew. This girl had an aunt who grew them for her own use and sold on the side. I was given a full garaunte that it would be an awesome trip, but just thinking about my first time made me doubt it.

Well, at around five'o'clock we all met up at a park near our high school and ate the shrooms. I don't know what species they were, but they were brown all over and not too big, the ones I had done my first time were white and blue. It took about twenty minutes for me to start feeling something. It was real smooth, crept up slow. I started feeling warm and fuzzy and I had a really pleasent tingle in my stomach. It took me a little while to notice but I had developed a rather stoned smile on my face, everything I saw made me happy.

The little kids trick-or-treating were all happy and giggling and running around us. I thought they were little happiness elves, come to spread joy amongst me and my friends. One kids dressed up as 'Freddy Kruger' kinda freaked me out, but I forgot about it really quickly. One thing I realy noticed was how loved up I eventually became. When we were getting candy from people's houses at first I would just say 'thank you' and then make my way to the next house. After a while I found myself going on and on about giving and love and generousity whenever another candy was dropped into my bag.

The street lights were leaving slow, lightening-like trails as we walked and the starts up above looked like they were throbbing. After an hour and a half of trick-or-treating we made our way to the bus stop and headed to the coffee house. During the bus ride it had felt like everything I saw I was seeing frame by frame, like when you slow down a video. At this point everything around me was bright and vibrant and shiny. Colours were amazing. They semed pure and crystaline.

When we got to the coffee house we headed to the upper level and claimed a little area with some couches and chairs and big floor pillows. I kept staring at me friend Mike's face. He was sitting under some coloured lights and his face was doing amazing things. His eyes were moving and changing shape and colour.

This place was by far the best place I've ever gone to for tripping. The walls were covered in murals and paintings and other artwork. There was this huge mural of a transparent naked woman standing in shallow water with clouds surrounding her and a fetus was floating near the clouds, attatched to them by an umbilical cord. I was completely fascinated by this, the colours kept swirling and switching and the wall seemed to throb, like it had a heart beat. Everything was all fuzzy and warped. Time felt distorted, like it was passing at an unbelieveably slow rate at one moment and then sped up the next.

The best part was when I closed my eyes, though. There were these little men that I saw on the backs of my eyelids that were made out of flames. They kept dancing and jumping around and morphing into other things, like giraffes and fighting fish.

In total there were seven of us there, and were were all really loved up and kept hugging and stroking eachother, it was really awesome. My friend Laura and I went back to my house around midnight and watched T.V. Which was a huge trip in itself because It felt like I was in the room with the poeple on the screen. I found my self asking them questions as if they were actually there with me. One bad part is that I couldn't sleep. It must have been almost four am before I drifted off. I missed the morning of school because I had slept in so long.

Despite the extreme fatigue I felt the next day, that was one of the best nights of my life, ever.

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