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Lost Reality


O.K., my friends and I had been trying to get mushrooms for a very long time and I finally hooked up with an ounce after trying very hard. We were at my friend's house since his parents were out of town and we waited until the people we had over left and then ate them. There was seven of us and we each ate an eighth since we don't know anything about grams. We went downstairs to wait for things to happen.

The first thing that happend was I looked at my friend playing pool and there was squiggly lines all over his face, shirt, and wall. We then went outside to smoke a bowl and start our trip. We sat around in a gazebo and there was shapes everywhere, I looked out at the dog below and he looked like a buffalo crossing Antarctica. We put our nose up to the screen and it seemed as though we were flying, really cool. We went back inside and I had a orange stashed so I split it with my friend, it was so good and juicy, we laughed the whole time. Everyone came upstairs and we got nutty while drinking orange juice. My friend and I went in the bathroom and looked at ourselves in the mirror and I looked like an ape, everyone agreed. Then it was time to go downstairs, the cartoon network was on and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band was playing, really cool. I got a hold of a water bottle and poured it all over my head and sprayed it on people, noboby cared they just laughed I began to notice that the house was becoming unrecognizable and it felt like we were broke off from the rest of the world Everyone began to have there own trip and two friends and I took off since we were having a great time tripping together. We went into a room upstairs and laughed like crazy while going into the closet and just talking about how great the trip was. We then went downstairs and eventually came down and talked about everything that happened for about two hours.

Now for the really cool things that happened-It seemed like cartoons were singing to the words of The Beatle's songs, colors on yellow wallpaper all Blended together were a light reflection hit it, my friend seemed like he was orange all night and we kind of wanted to eat him because his head looked tasty, water out of the fountain seemed incredibly great to drink and pour over my head, we were not able to motivate ourselves to do anything-like we wanted to smoke a bowl for about four hours but could not get around to doing it-, headphone cords turned into snakes for my friend, it seemed like there was 100 people in the house at times, the house seemed a lot bigger than it is, many things were orange, and many many other things. As everybody that has tripped shrooms knows, it is very hard to explain the whole deal because it is not just things that happen but the state of mind you are in and how everything makes you feel. It was probably the greatest time of my life. I rated it as a three, but I really think it bordered on a level four. We were alone apart from everything that was reality.

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