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as soon as I turned out the light

Okay this was about two months ago so everything is a little patchy, but I'll remember details as I go.

Okay this was about two months ago so everything is a little patchy, but I'll remember details as I go. My friend Mackenzie and I had eaten some shrooms at about 1 in the morning , with peanut butter.. not bad ya know. But we ate a lot, I don't remember how much, just a ton, because I remember feeling almost full when I was done.So for about 45 minutes we were completely normal ya know, not really feeling a thing, so we started drawing to maybe kick our brains into gear and bring out the left side of our brain. That didn't seem to work so my sister came up in my room and brought us a joint to smoke, my mouth watered looking at this joint, and I took two hits and instantly I found myself standing up straight against my wall next to my light switch, trying to make sure my feet were completely straight and my ankles and butt and head were all touching the wall. For reasons unknown I threatened my sister and Mackenzie that if they don't come down stairs and see my sail boat, then I will turn out the lights and they will die because the demons in my closet will come out and possess them to kill themselves. Seriously, they told me that I said that and.. oh my goodness thats nothing that I would ever say to someone, so yeah we were pretty much all scared to death after this and so we kept my light on and ran down stairs. It was completely bright in my living room , the TV seemed to be the brightest thing I've ever seen, I could see the sparkles coming off from it all the time, but my sister told me that was just static electricity and that I was watching it way too hard. Soon I looked at my watch and it was 6:26, which was weird because that's the date of my friends death, and it seems like I always look at something and it will say 626 or it will say 26 on it. Okay so we go into the kitchen after sitting in the living room for what seems like hours and my sister puts in Jimi Hendrix, and I have to tell you , that man is brilliant , the music put me in a daze, just staring at the speakers, and it was fucked up because I shit you not, there was music notes and music waves coming out of the speakers in purple and neon green, and I kept asking everyone if they saw it, annd they didn't. We sat and ate some cake and ice cream for a while in my kitchen on my stools and out of NO WHERE a fucking huge ass white and gray saskwatch walks by me and takes my plate of cake and ice cream out to the living room and sits down and my eyes just got huge and I was like whhhat the fuck dude! where did HE come from!? and Mackenzie looked at me and started laughing with a mouth full of cake and was like what are you talking about, and when are we getting on that sailboat of yours I thought you were gonna show us it soon. I was like duuude no, and I looked out in the living room, and my sister was sitting there eating my cake and ice cream , while watching TV. Yeah .. no way, it was fucked up, eventually I got some other food and took it out to the living room and was eating it for a long time while watching TV, but my two dogs, they always sit there and beg for food when you have a plate of it, they'll sit 5 feet away from you and watch you, I was getting so pissed cause I hate being watched. Ha ha so I had this brilliant idea that if I turn out the lights , they couldn't see me anymore and they wouldn't know where I was at. Ha ha so I did that and turned off the TV too , I couldn't see anything , I was sitting in the dark of my living room with a plate of food in my lap, eating it, not knowing where my mouth was, everything was pitch black, but i loved it because I felt like my dogs couldn't see me. This is getting really long, but what I wanted to really express was that I looked at the digital clock in my living room, after so many hours , and guess what time it was.. yeah 6:26AM , how could that be when I looked at my watch and it was 6:26.. hours ago. Well I freaked out like anyone would, and asked everyone what time it was and they told me it was 6:26, so I wasn't just seeing things, and I thought that everyone was playing a joke on me. But then.. the real truth came out when I looked at my watch and it said it was 9:26Am. ha ha my clock was three hours fast.. oops

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