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LoRd Of The RinGs Bad N Good Trip

It was 12 at nite , me n ma 3 buddies had decided to eat sum mushroomz since there was nuthin to do and it was a saturday night.

It was 12 at nite , me n ma 3 buddies had decided to eat sum mushroomz since there was nuthin to do and it was a saturday night. We ate them by 12 30, we had al done 4.5 each of some realy chronic mushrooms. 12 45 came along n i had started to feel a weird body high, wich kinda was freakin me out because i had never felt it that quick it would normaly take me 45 - n hour to feel em good. By half n hour i was already trippin out n so where my buddys, we were inside jus watchn tv n trippin out at random stuff , than we had remember we had 2 fatty blunts of chronic ta smoke. So we all walk outside his buildin, n we realized we had no lighter. So we walk up to a main street to find matches but we got tripped out because there were bout 8 cop cars drivin al over that area wit their lights flashin, so we trun around n find sum random guy that hooked up a lighter wich was real lucky. N than we started smoking it down this alley, when everything was goin all good.. ALL of a sudden my buddy JUs so randmoly Start pukin like crazy, I still dont know if i was trippin but puke was comin out non stop, me n my other buddy had no idea wut to do.. we couldn tel if the kid was bout to die if he was alright or wat, but wat i was REALY worried bout was takin another hit o tha blunt wit out puke on it hah, so i took it n smoked it, n than i realized my buddy that was pukin was alright, he was jus like Wut tha fuk jus happn.. n i was like wutever haha is al good aslong as ur stil trippin.. n he was. but we had realized that my buddy (that didnt puke) was tripin out to hard, he kept askin my friend if he was OK after he puked, he was havin a bad trip. he couldn prounouce shit properly, we could tel he was realy freaked out, n he could not comprehend anythin that was goin on.. so we jus kinda started walkin down this alley n ended up at this realy weird hill.. it was the most confusing thing, thats when i realy started hallucinatin, i saw my self on top of a HUge car n i dont kno it was too trippy, by that time we had all decided to start walkin bak, it was an incredibly cold nite. My buddy was stil havin a bad trip, u could tell by the look in his eyes he was soooo shook. n the one that had puked was feelin perfectly fine. so we went bak in the house after a lot of confusion n arguin. We jus al layed down n my buddys room again n threw in lord of the rings. It had to be the dopest thing i have ever seen in my life. I dont think ive ever seen anythin that was soooo amazing. But every 5 minutes id turn bak n see that my friend was touchin his face n he was trippn tha fuk out. than he got so shook n said im bleedin, n we were like wat?? n he said IM bleedin, n he looked at his hands n his eyes were huge, n said i dont know wat happen i think i need to go to the washroom. n i was like ur trippn man u got nottin on u, ur defeently not bleeding. n he was so freaked out he apperantly saw him self pourin blood. than after a couple hours of him trippin out like crazy.. he started zonin bak in. He told us wut he was seein, he had gone into his own little world, n he got him self to believe everything was real. n he accepted reality . he thought that he was fuked for life n there was nothin he could do about it. but on like tha 5th hour he was fine, n we jus ended the nite by smokn a couple more blunts. but Lord of the rings was amazin i felt like i could touch the characters, n i felt like i was in the movie at points. I defenetly recommend people watch it.

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