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Loosing it is fun...

This was taken from my diary, it happened a few months backLast Saturday I had the most frightening/amazing experience.

This was taken from my diary, it happened a few months back

Last Saturday I had the most frightening/amazing experience. Trev and me ate around a hundred liberty caps each, Simon had around 50 and rob had a little less than 30. The trip was really nice, I bought a bottle of whisky and shared it amongst the others. After an hour the trip was becoming more and more intense.
I noticed some mushroom dust on my coffee table that had spilled from my bag of shrooms , it resembled a man fishing, I took a photo, I wasn’t quite sure if it would come out or not as I was a little sizzled at the time.
Trev asked if I wanted to do some more Shrooms, I foolishly accepted. We ate over 500 between us, An hour later I noticed that I felt really uncomfortable in my surroundings, I left the room and laid on my bathroom floor. Some of the hallucinations I witnessed during this period were amazing, it was completely overwhelming, I met mushroom creatures that showed me my future, my soul left my body, I thought that I had died, in a panic I quickly stood up, my hallucinations were so vivid I was having trouble navigating my body. I managed to get outside, I walked to the park whilst trying to keep my balance, I fell over in the grass, the rain was pouring heavily, but I was happy, I started to think that being dead isn’t that bad at all. Next minute I found myself in the hallway of my house, I cannot remember how I got there, it was very strange. My clothes were soaked and I noticed a shadow move, I turned round and it was Trev, at this point I realised that I was very much alive.
Trev was making strange animal noises and feeling the walls, I started to hysterically laugh, “I’m not dead” I shouted in Trevs face. He looked puzzled at first then held my arm and replied “and you’re my friend” We were both sat down and neither of us could stand up to ring my doorbell. We spent the next hour talking and laughing. We finally got our shit together and rang the bell, rob opened the front door and helped us up the stairs. He was worried about me as I had been gone for 2 hours, I explained how I thought that I had died, at this point Trev was acting really weird, he started to make Animal noises again whilst rolling about on my bed. I tried to figure out what was wrong with him….. It couldn’t be anything else, he must be POSSESED.
I picked up my didgeredoo and hit him square in the face with it, he looked shocked so I hit him again, this time in his Jaw.
The others were laughing but this was serious, Trev had demons and this was the only feasible way of dealing with them. Trev stopped making animal noises after a short while and we made friends (after punching him in the face) I later realised that Trev was not actually possessed and was just tripping all along (oh the surprise)
Rob got dressed up and served us drinks.

After a beer I ate the remanding mushroom dust and came to the conclusion that my accent sucks. We went mushroom picking Sunday, it was dire…. Mushroom season is officially OVER! No shrooms this weekend, I cant believe I’m going to have to wait till the 29th before I can eat some more…… A WHOLE NINE DAYS, GOD I SUCK

if you fancy a chat about anything shroomy mail me at discobizcuit@hotmail.com

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