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Looking at me!

Alright, so me and some buds ate some little brown shrooms right?

Alright, so me and some buds ate some little brown shrooms right? I didn't think they were gonna be good (they were sitting in this kids basement for like at least 3 weeks.) But we ate them and his mom asked us if we would go to the grocery store and pic up a few things. It had been like 2 hours or so since we ate them and we thought it would be alright to go to the grocery store. So we went, when we pulled in the parking lot, I felt kinda weird (I thought this was good you know it was starting to kik in) so I got all anxious and excited and we went in the store and as soon as the automatic doors opened it was like I entered this huge fun house. My freinds must have been trippin balls cause they were cheesin at everything. But I felt really weird. We started walking down the ailes and the boxes of cheese were fuckin laughing at me. It was so real! They had eyes and mouths and they had big grins on there faces. They were laughing I could hear them! But the sound faded and it was just my freinds laughing at me beacuse I was staring motionlessly at a box of cheese. So we walked along some more. We were supposed to get bread, so we went to the bread aisle. There were lots of other people in this aile so I stayed real quiet 'cause I was a bit paranoid. I just kept lookin at the floor. And it was like the tiles were steps! I had to step up on each tile and some tiles went down and some went up. I could'nt tell whether I was really stepping up or not but I was freakin out. I grabbed some bread and stepped up and down the aisle with this bag of bread in my hand. I must have been squeezing the bread really hard because it was all squished when we got to the freezer section. I got really cold. My sweat that had developed on my face, felt like it was melting! It was dripping off my face and on to the floor. People all around were starin at me. I was really starting to freak out now. So I ran to the bathroom. There was this little girl there and she was going to the bathroom with the door open! I tried to ask her if she wanted me to shut the door but I guess she didn't hear me because she just sat there on the pot and stared at me. To this day, I'm not even sure I was ever really in that bathroom. But I do remember leaving it. I guess I felt like I had calmed down because I thought I was okay to go back out and find my friends. So i left. I had to walk past the check out aisles to get to the diaper area. As I walked past, I noticed a green bag laying on the floor. I walked over and picked it up. Cool you know I thought I found a bag of weed! So, I'm carrying this bag of squished bread and a bag of weed witch I put in my pocket. I walked back over to my friends and told them what I found. They started laghing like they were going to piss their pants! I looked down and realized that the bag of weed was actually a peice of abc gum! I had put it in my pocket and it melted all over everywhere. How could I have thought it was weed? I thought then that I was going crazy so I just sat down in the diaper aisle and watched the people pass by. They were so weird looking. But anyway, my friend came back later and told me we were leaving. So I jumped up with this squished bread and a few other things I noticed I had picked up some where a long the line. We walked up to the automatic doors and I freaked out or something because I could'nt figure out how to get through them. I must have been standing there forever because this laky that worked there said are you alright? I said no and ran out the door. And she and some other man came running behinf me yelling stop! I didn't know what the hell was going on. Why were they chasing me? Just then, the van of my friends pulled up and I jumped in. They yelled at me. I stole the squished bread! I didn't even know I still had it. I also had some kind of pens and some turkey meat. I don't know where the hell they came from! But we finally got home and I opened the door to find his little brother standing there. His head had somehow turned into a bubble and I was poking at it. His mom yelled at me because he started crying. This is like a 2 year old kid. So I ran downstairs and with the bread and the pend and the turkey meat, I plopped down on the waterbed. I laid there for like hours just staring at this kid's ceiling which had naked girls all over it. They were so scary. They had pointy looking boobs with huge mean grins on there faces. I fell asleep that night and woke up to find, I was still holding tight to that damn squished, stolen bread!
about 9 years ago when I was still in high school was when this all happened.

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