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Look out into the ocean

I think it was my 4th experience with glorious mushrrooms i had done acid i think 7 times before i ever did mushrooms and will never do acid again.

I think it was my 4th experience with glorious mushrrooms i had done acid i think 7 times before i ever did mushrooms and will never do acid again. One thing i just want to say is that when i have intense visual hallucinations they are the same from acid to shrooms or anything else. I see different things but its the same if you know what im saying. Though here we go me and my friends just graduated highschool and one friend has a house in a very exclusive type of place on the beach. One other friend was the man with plan he sold weed and shrooms so we were livin the life for reduced cost. As soon as we arrived at the house we all dove in to the huge bag of shrooms and started eating everyone had equal aout 2 1/3 - 3 grams. Bout 15 minutes later i started feelin it all funky and uncomfterable at first some of my friends were the same i layed down in on the back deck tryen to ease into it because im sensitive to chemicals haha really though i have blacked out several times while tripping even from pcp and another time from weed and vicodin. Ill all of a sudden feel like my molecules are speeding up or somthing then boom i black out fall down and get really sweaty. i know this because i wake up sweaty and it sucks i ususally have a crazy dream or hear little kids playing when it happens but then im alright a minute later. But back to the house on the beach where 45 minutes after eating the shrooms felt like a day. i got up and motivated got everyone together and took it too the beach we brought a vortex football and a frissbee it was nice there was no one at the beach besides us. We were all still in the "beggining" to trip phase and it sorta sucked cuz it didnt feel like it was accelerating at all. Started throwin the vortex really fuckin far to each other along the beach. My friend hauls it down to me and about midway the football became this object seperate from the sky and and when i caught it wich sent a wave into me the ball looked really weird and felt weird in my hands too. i through it back and it left me with a vivid blue trail it was crazy then i realized it was going down. started running all around feeling fucking glorious just laughing extremly happy. The trip just got better from there. we hung out for some more i recall staring at the sky in the sand for a long time and all the clouds were swirlin around and sucking into and out of existence it was wild. ive had that same hallucintion a few times before that. At the house we drank alot of beer after we had been drinkin beer the whole time we been there. Got real drunk smoked a couple blunts of some purplehaze. Smoked about a pack of cigaretts. Was trippin ballz drunk and high as hell dont remember alot of that time frame. I thought it was all over when it wasnt. i had started coming down and so did my freinds. Then our firend with the plan broke out the shroom bag and said lets do iy again ...and we did. coldnt beleive i was doing it, it was so strange to be eating more when i was almost done tripping and glad cuz i had a good time. But we ate and ate more then the first. had some beer and 20 minutes later. HAHAHA back to the beach it was a wrap we were all in the water that loooked insane it was glass but looked computer generated. and the water felt like somthing unearthly.m when u looked into the blackness of the ocean across the world i was seeing crazy red and blue spirals on some neon light type of thing. it covered my field of sight from then on this red blue neon spiral that was huge long and tall. i got out of the water and got really scared when i thought i was seeing a big animal looking at me but it was some drift wood. Though i was tripping balls and that drift wood didnt look like it. Then i started to feel like i ate way too much and was handed a blunt took a little hit and passed felt good going in because i love marijuana. My mind was spinning then took a slug of my becks beer and lost it i was looking down the beach and it started sucking in and out back anf forth towrds and away from me i couldnt see a beginning or end to the beach. The spiral was still there and got real bright then i felt like i was gonna black out so i tryed to snap out of it and luckily did . i just cooled out then cuz i knew if i let somthing get to intense im done for it. so i chilled out was seeing crazy trails from my friends runnin around i heard music in the wind and all that after a while little vague sounds of familiar but unfamiliar songs like the crap they play at weddings and shit like that. i was trippin for real we headed back to the house and some deer were eating someones garbage and ignored us while we walked buy they loooked fake but beautifull and that was just fuckin wierd anyway. got back to the house everyone passed out except me and one kid who stayed up with me and we went back to the beach for sunrise and it came we smoked a celebretory joint still tripping but not as hard though i didnt feel as if i came down it was just a different trip almost. We left and went to sleep after we smoked a coupe of bowls because me and him seem to share the insomniac on mushrooms thing. Then it was over, it was crazy for real i tripped 2 times in a row thats just bugged out the 2nd time was crazier and i sorta had a 3rd trip. Amazing be carefull when u eat the stuff stay positive about things and have fun let your mind and senses loose. - dayo

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