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long strange trip...

It was around 9 pm, and my friends dad just left to go ut until like 1 am.

It was around 9 pm, and my friends dad just left to go ut until like 1 am. It was me, Heidi, and Kim, and one of kims friends were stopping by to drop off a 1/4 of shrooms. We had already smoked around a 1/4 of ill indoor nugg, and we were stoned out of our minds. We gt the shrooms and we all split the bag with orange juice to swig it down. These shrooms were good looking, and right from when we saw them we knew they were going to fuck us up. We had all had shrooms a few times before this, so we knew what it was like. We ate them, and within like a half hour we started to feel it a lot. I kept looking out the window and seeing one bat fly across the window. Then I looked at the room we were in and it would start to change sizes. Everything was forming drifferently, and I was seeing things everywhere. I looked at like 6 windows and thought they wwere all diamonds. There was trippy music on, and that only made it better. I got up and went into the kitchen, and I stood on a rug that was blue with swirls. I surf a lot, and it felt like I was riding a wave. I went upstairs after about an hour and lied down with heidi. She wasnt as bad I was, and she wasnt tripping as hard. Kim was downstairs, she passed out or something. We lied down and I closed my eyes and I saw mushrooms of colors fly through my visions, and saw colors everywehre. For some reason I started to shake alot, uncontrollably. Heidi was scared of me bc I was shaking so much, and I was a little freaked out, but ok. I continulally felt like I was riding a wve when I walked, and I stopped shaking and just enjoyed my trip. It was an awesome feeling when you control it right. Heidis dad got home, and he had no iddea we were tripping. It was around 1 and I went downstairs alone and fell asleep in an extra bed room. I was seeing shit that whole night alone, but it was fun. Kim was triiping to, but she was alone the whole time, and she was pretty scared. This was a night not to forget and I had an awesome time.


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