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Lizard King Lives!

In writting this blurb, I find it quite difficult to put this experiance in the perspective of someone who hasn't lived it.

In writting this blurb, I find it quite difficult to put this experiance in the perspective of someone who hasn't lived it. However, I will try, for it was both extremely positive and negative at the same time..I am currently a student attending university in Canada, it is also important to note that I am living in the third largest dormatory in North America. I had been doing a lot of shrooms that month and decided it was time for me to take a private trip with myself in order to tap into the inner conciousness we all hope to uncover. I then proceeded to take a shower. As expected, the shower proved to be quite stimulating as the slight warm tingly bodybuzz began to engulf me. Still not totally mangled I made my way to my room where I proceeded to play a rare version of the Doors song 5 to 1, in which Jim tells the audience they are slaves and idiots and what not. Being a semi mangaliod by now I began to get a great kick out of it, and began screaming Jim's words out myself...Needless to say, by the time I was dressed and leaving my room, I had completely transformed into a Jim like entity capabale of anything, the Lizard King, the erotic politician, the electric shaman ect... I then proceeded to completey freak out. I AM AN ANIMAL!!! I shouted... WHO LET THE BEAST OUT OF HIS CAGE!!!! At this point I had absolutely no control over what I was saying.. I could feel myself talking but couldn't control what I was doing. Another interesting thing of note was that my voice had completly changed to a deep growling howl that I cannot reproduce to this day. Until now, this experiance had been quite positive, however, I had then decided that I was gonna go on a rampage. Room to room I went, shouting things like "GET BACK IN YOUR CAGE YOU FILTHY PIG"... "WHO WANTS TO COME OVER HERE AND LOVE MY ASS", "YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF FUCKING SLAVES!!!" By the time I had peaked, I had managed to aquire a captive audience who were obvioulsy quite concerned and amused with my latest philanthropic sonata. I told people how they're daddy never loved them and how the government had a conspiracy to overthrow me cause they knew that I was the LIZARD KING... Once I had begun coming down, I had a chance to notice some of the interestic visuals, I saw multitiered shapes and hidden messages within the carpets and walls. I had also experienced a lot of soundjumps that night. When nearing the end, Jim still possesed my body (or so I thought) however, once in a while my voice would peek out and say things like "HELP ME!!" It can be compared to the excorcist when the little girls voice sometimes emerges from behind the demon. One thing that is important to understand was that this experiance was not faked... It was completely real, and that is what was so scarry about it.....However, I would by no means say it was a bad trip.. It was perhaps the greatest feeling of strength I will ever experience.

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