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I had prepared MANY PF shrooms (perhaps 40 of them, dried) by grinding and soaking in Everclear for a few days.

I had prepared MANY PF shrooms (perhaps 40 of them, dried) by grinding and soaking in Everclear for a few days. This liquid was reduced by evaporation.
I put one spoonful (there was plenty of liquid left for future fun) of this concentrate into a small glass of orange juice and drank it.
I then proceeded to do the dishes.
10 minutes later, I had to stop doing the dishes!
Things were feeling strange... Light was brighter... Movements were slower...

I went and sat on the couch and started to watch TV. About 30 minutes into a show, the faces of the people started changing. It all started to look....digital.. Sort of like a low-res mpeg video.
I had to stop watching TV...
I have never come up this strong and this fast before... It was a little scary at first, but I kept calm knowing that everything will be ok. It always is.

I put some Pink Floyd on the computer (Dark Side of the Moon), and set the screen to do cool visuals using the program G-Force (great visual plug-in!).
The visuals were deep and complex, and I understood them.

With only the glow of the monitor lighting up the room, strange shadows were being cast across the carpet. This caused the carpet to look...deep in some areas, and shallow in others.

I got a bit cold and covered up with a blanket.

There were times where I would close my eyes and lay my head back, just listening to the music, and there would be incredible visuals in my mind.
I don't know how long I was in these states, but when I came out of them, I felt like I had just come out of a deep sleep. I believe time stretched out, since I only remember this happening during short sections of songs. What felt like 10 minutes, might actually have only been about 30 seconds.

I had some glow sticks with me, and they were my friends for the evening. When I held them in my hand, they had to be in the correct order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet) otherwise they just didn't look right.

I did a lot of thinking... About my friends(the non-glowstick ones)... About how they see me... About how much I love them... About all the fun times we've had :)

I closed my eyes and re-lived my wedding day... It was so wonderful...
I realized how well my wife knows me, and how much she loves me, and how I can be selfish sometimes, and how I can be a better person and husband...

I've never done this deep of thinking on shrooms before, and I'm honestly a different person now because of that trip... It changed me...for the better.
I'm not as selfish anymore... I see things differently, from many points of view. I enjoy life more, and have more appreciation for the people in my life.

This was the first of many trips using the liquid, and probably the deepest when it comes to thinking about life. Other trips with the liquid have been with others, and were more focused on fun and laughter.

A nice little bonus was the absence of an upset stomach! I've dealt with 'shroom-stomach' while coming up before, but never with the liquid.

This trip was about 2 years ago, and I've left out many details, but I had to share some of it... I think it was a level 3, possibly crossing over to level 4 at times. One thing for sure though.. It was wonderful.

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