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like a newborn child

I had my first and so far only experience with mushrooms last summer.

I had my first and so far only experience with mushrooms last summer. I was an exchange student in florida, and I took my hostbrother with me to germany (my homecountry) for vacation. He was very experienced, exspecially with acid. Well, so like a week after we arrived in germany, we drove out to the netherlands, where you can buy and take mushrooms legally. The first town of the netherlands is just 20 minutes away, from where I live. We drove out with my mother to that town to buy cheese and all. While my mom was picking out different things on the market, my hostbrother Richard and I went into this mushroomshop. We bought one bag
of shrooms and took them back to my moms house in germany. After she was gone, we had the whole house for us.

THE TRIP: We splitted the bag and each got like 3 or 4 of them. Richard told me everything about a trip before, so i wouldnt have any problems with a bad trip coming up. 45 minutes after we took the shrooms my first visuals started kickin in. I looked at the floor and it started to move like a wave in the ocean. The house became like a big funplace, with every room having its own special flavor with a different experience waiting for us. But before we continued to walk arround the house Richard wanted to buy cigarettes. The next gas-station was 5 minutes away by foot, so we walked up there. Our original plan was to go to the soccergame of a friend, but we never ended up doing it, because we always lost ourselves in new little missions. While walking to the gas-station i saw the hole nature in a totally different light. the trees and bushes appeared to be the most important part of everything. The big houses and everything else seemed like plastic to me. The trees suddenly had the greenest green i have ever seen and changed their color from darkgreen to lightgreen and back again. After we bought the cigarettes and got back home we sat down in the garden , so richard could smoke his cigarettes and I could eat my gum. Richard laughed his ass of, cause I kept putting one piece of gum in my mouth just to spit it out directly afterwards with repeating the same phrase every time:" These taste like shit." But i kept eating more and more and i kept spittin them all out again. While we sat there in the garden I saw all the flowers growing and moving. I listened to the birds, and they seemed to sing the sweetest melody I have ever heard. I felt one with nature and the sky was colored in the most beautyfull blue I have ever seen. Just a wonderfull sommerday. When we got back into the house richard went to the bathroom. When he came out he told me that there are awesome visuals in there. The walls of the bathroom are covered with strange patterns anyways, so when I got in the patterns started to turn into faces. I started to see deamons and all on the wall. I felt a bad trip coming up, but I remembered what Richard told me before: "Just tell yourself over and over again that its all in your head". It worked out directly and I felt better. When we got into my room Richard played some music from the soundtrack of the movie matrix. It was crazy. I could feel the music going into my brain and body while I was watching myself in the mirror loving what I saw. I had so much selfconfidence in that little second then ever before. When the trip started to calm down I felt very depressed. I still couldnt think straight and I felt light crying. I had no motivation for nothing and I thought it would always stay that way. In that moment I knew what a mentally ill person feels like, and I thought I fucked up my brain forever. Richard helped me and kept saying that it will all go away. I didnt want to wait anymore so i ate 2 vitamin C pills the guy in the shroomshop gave us to end the trip. After eating the pills I took a shower and I looked at Richard and i new i would never be the same.

CONCLUSION: Everything I believed in before had been questioned, and I felt like all the years before was one chapter and I would start a new one now. And that was exactly what I did. I stayed in germany while Richard went back to the US. And I saw everything in a different light since. We took the mushrooms at daytime and in the evening, when the trip was over, there was a big party at my friends house. We got there and I felt so much wiser then everybody else there. I felt like a newborn child whose life has just began. I was so happy being able to start over again with everything. I saw all my friends in a total different light. I knew what they thought. It sounds crazy, but after the trip I started to really know my friends how they really are, and not how they act. I suddenly knew , who where my real friends and who just tried to stab me in the back.
I will try out mushrooms again this upcoming summer. Richard is going to visit me here in germany. who knows, maybe I will be born once AGAIN...

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