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Lighting Hurts

It was a week before halloween and i was grounded for gettin arrested for marijuana.

It was a week before halloween and i was grounded for gettin arrested for marijuana. I was real pissed off cuz i was tired of being at home 4 so long. So i was like fuck this and i left to go 2 my friends house. When i got there he had just bought an ounce of shrooms and i was like fuck yes, just wut i need. So i bought an 8th off him and we both ate them up in matter of seconds. We were chillin in the living room watching blow waiting for them to kick in. Shawn (my friend) started feelin his in like 20 minutes and i was real anxious for mine 2 kick in. Finially they did, so we decided to go on a walk to the park. As we got outside i noticed a million ants on the ground around me. The way they all moved was forming crazy patterns on the ground feeling like the ground i was walking on was moving. We continued on our adventure to the park. It was a very cloudy day and all the clouds were moving really fast and turning into differnt objects. They would turn into an object and before i could make it out it would change into something else. It kind of pissed me off cuz i wanted to know wut it was. We got 2 the park and just chilled on the benches watching the skaters do insane tricks in the bowl pit. Shawn busted out his new pipe he got and packed a bowl of sum good chronic. As i was hittin it i could feel the smoke run down through my entire body, which i new was impossible. Time was endless when i was holding it in. It didnt seem like i was holding it in at all until shawn shoved me off the bench so i could exhaul the smoke out. The smoke moved in slow motion seeming like it wasnt smoke at all. As we were walking back to his house there was this house that was totally decked out in decorations. The door was open to the house and i could see the inside of it. It was all black inside with a strobe light going. It was way to intense for me to look at. Everytime it blinked was like a huge gasp of lightning( like when lightning hits, the whole intire sky lights up).I couldnt take it anymore, it felt like it was damaging my eyes. After that we got back 2 shawns house and chilled eating pizza and watching blow. As the movie ended i walked home and i could barely feel the shrooms anymore. That was my best trip ive had yet, even tho that was my 3rd time tripping. Have fun trippin' u guys.
An innocent tripper

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