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Light and Dark

Last night (August 22) I ate several mushrooms.

Last night (August 22) I ate several mushrooms. No idea how many, but it looks like a fair amount. That was about 8:10 PM. I finished around 8:45, cause they tasted horrible! So by that time I felt a little buzzed, and I decided to listen to the Dead's sets at Bristow from last Sunday. I began to walk in my neighborhood, and I noticed the lights were very bright, and I felt a sort of connection between them and the music that I never explored more. After walking for 15 more minutes or so (I didn't have a watch), I came across a weeping willow just as Loose Lucy was coming on, so I danced with all the low hanging parts. I began to walk up the hill when something caught my eye: it was a spotlight that seemed to be coming from a mile away or so. So I began to walk up the street towards it, and when I looked up at it next, it looked like a really elongated Statue of Liberty. Very strange. All this time I was thinking the road would curve one way when it would curve the other (and I'm very familiar with these streets). I saw a tree, and I swear I saw a large hole in it. It looked like it had been torn apart, but like it grew that way, not like somebody put the hole in. I am not sure what it really looked like. Also, many trees, when I looked at them, would seem to shift a little bit, like I was only seeing one side of it and it would turn with me so I would only see that one side. Somewhere on my way back, the song changed to Drumz.

Now before, I had seen fleeting glimpses of scary faces and the kid from the Sixth Sense peering at me, but now I began to notice figures in the trees. The strange thing was, I enjoyed it. The drums sounded so good, and as I looked up in the trees, I saw faces screaming, or clown faces smiling horribly. But I also started to think that "evil" has to have its side of fun, and I was convinced that I was taking part in that. It was me and the trees, celebrating something through the primal sound of the drums. I would see figures dancing and reaching up to the moonlight (not to mention the really cool designs that the trees would have when you look at the moon through them. They're natures kalaidescopes!). The music got more intense, and I was still seeing demons and horrible faces, but I enjoyed it. I looked in a freshly cut lawn and saw faces looking at me, some with their mouths open, some looking to the side. I began to return home.

When I got near my house, Space came on, and I began to look up at the stars and spin around (don't know why I did that). I got a little dizzy, so I decided to go inside. My driveway is patterened, and so when I got there, I had the surprise of finding out that it was very warped! The middle looked higher, and the sides were recessed into the ground. I walked to my door, but decided to sit down and watch the ground breathe. Out of the corner of my eye, my car was moving around like it was on hydraulics, but WEIRD hydraulics. Sometimes it would fly away very fast, and I would look at it to find that the hubcaps had colors surging through their circumferences. I made a pact to the grass that I would not harm it, because their families were hurt by deforestation and lumbering.

I got inside and realized I really couldn't act sober. I kept laughing whenever I saw people, and I had to try really hard to keep a straight face. I retired to my room at this point. I turned off the lights and turned on Drumz again, and posted a few threads here. The computer looked a little like it was shifting, and something in my vision didn't seem "right." When I would look around, something would seem different. About an hour later, I looked up at a poster I have above my computer, and noticed that it was moving! The figures on it would wave slightly and change colors. Everything in it was alive and moving around, and I loved watching it. When it subsided some, I decided to finish off my trip by having some popcorn. I got really tired, so I went to bed, but couldn't fall asleep for a while. It was very VERY fun, and I enjoyed it very much.

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