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Liberated with Sally

I smoke the Salvia just as the Mushroom energies are working their way up from my belly to my brain.

I smoke the Salvia just as the Mushroom energies are working their way up from my belly to my brain. It hits me and the colours from the scatterd tents dash up into the sky forming a bizzare psychedelic rainbow (I should mention that this all occured at the Glastonbury Festival, England). After the customary hysterical laughter I stop and survey my magical surroundings: Smoke with an unearthly blue hue drifts up into the vivid sky, Glastonburys strange
structures pan out in front of me and the clouds are perfectly still and peaceful as if painted. The breathing and wiggling of the liberty caps eases in as the Salvia eases out, before long it begins to get dark. A seemingly innocent Reef sandals tent is transformed with the addition of two big screens showing psychedelic visuals, A meaty soundsystem & a trance DJ into a pretty banging free party. The music reaches me easily in my heightend state, I am compelled to stand up, I try to face the music (not an easy task with 360 degree hearing) Instead I catch sight of the party in action. Now I realise Lady Salvia has not left my side, this trip is wierd as fuck! The tents part as did the red sea for Moses and I float towards the music. As I float voices drift through my head "Whats he doing?" and "That guys fucked!" are the two most common. I break straight into dance when I reach the crowd of about 200 people all dancing geometrically perfect distances apart. I am wierded out a bit by some of the casualties throwing horrendously exaggerated facial expressions my way and decide to go buy a drink before I wierd people out by just standing still in the middle of a dancing entourage. The lines on the vendors face dance as he tells me it costs £1 for a can of coke, I consider screaming 'Bastard Vulture' in his face but this compulsion fades when I open my wallet and every coin is a £1. After wandering around for a bit I decide to attempt the return to my tent, my vision is fucked. Im not hallucinating as such but perspective, depth of field and proportion are all out the window. When I find my tent and my friends (who were gatherd around the camp fire occasionally talking to me as they believed I was still in the tent!) I attempt to skin up. After toiling with the spiff (which shape shifts before my eyes like the most bizzare rubiks cube imaginable) I decide to retire to my tent, I just used a hell of alot of mental energy crafting the joint plus its still only Wednesday, Glastonbury goes on 'til Monday. Between smoking that joint and falling asleep I reformed the entire universe using the contents of my head, but you wouldn't believe me if I told ya!
('Til next time people, PsillyBoy)

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