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Level 3, best yet

Hey, this is the second trip report I have submitted.

Hey, this is the second trip report I have submitted. The first was called Aurora Borealis, it was level 1. After my first experience which was disappointingly short I wanted a stronger trip. I have tripped twice before this but they were kind of weak. I went to stay over a friends house last night, I walked there and on my way picked about 8g of Psilocybe Baeocystis. They were for a friend, but he didn’t want them. We were drinking loads and I read that alcohol lessens shroom’s effects, so I decided not to take them either. Next morning when I was walking home I ate them, I love the taste of fresh shrooms.

I hadn’t eaten anything much so I was expecting it to come on pretty quick. I was surprised when after about 10 minutes I noticed some affects. The crisp December air felt so cool. The sky was pure white and the silhouetted trees against it looked amazing. I began to just stop and stare at things. Blue/White flashing dots were swimming around in front of me. The power lines were flicking up and down and there was no wind. Trees and stuff began to bend and sway lightly.

I got a weird feeling of infinite power occasionally. For example I took a big run up to try and jump a river next to the road. Luckily my normal brain kicked in, I stopped myself just at the edge. I found the river was about 8 feet across, over a foot and a half deep and freezing. I carried on and eventually got home. A journey that was supposed to take 30 minutes had taken nearer an hour.

No-one was home. I spent ages trying to find the door key, eventually I got it and went in. Nothing significant happened inside, I got a drink, mooched about and went on the internet. I got bored and decided to go outside. The house felt dirty and slimy and I didn’t want to be in there. I went for a walk in some fields near my house. I found a big load of what I think were Psilocybe Cyancsens. I picked them and put them in my bag, which oddly enough I had brought with me. I loved being out in the open field, I felt really close to nature. The dots were there again, going nuts. I could see something that looked like a portal form in the clouds. The trees were moving about, getting closer and then further away.

I was worried that my parents were going to come home and find I wasn’t there and be angry. When I heard a car go along the nearby road I panicked because it sounded exactly like my mums jeep. I started to sprint back to the house. Halfway across the field I passed a piece of wood with a rope in it. I carried on running then for some reason ran back to get it. I was running with it when I reached the other side of the field. I then remembered that my mum didn’t go in her jeep. I also noticed I no longer had the wood. I ran back found it and carried on. My time outside was the best in a long trip, I urge anyone tripping to go outside if its light. In the dark it can be a very scary experience.

Back inside I scared myself stupid by listening to Rammstein in the dark. For those not familiar to Rammstein, just imagine angry, gothic Germans who hate everything. With each beat the darkness would throb. I stuggled to make a decision I could decide what to do for ages. I had had enough of this so I forced myself downstairs, I put on Electric Soft Parade and chilled. At this point it was about two hours since I ate those beauties, I took 2000mg of Vitamin C to help the trip along. That music is good for tripping but there are loads of sub-sounds, I wasn’t sure whether they were the music or someone else in the house. I found I mirror and watched my face transforming into all kinds of weird things. With eyes closed I could see my friends who kept saying weird things to me. The thing that happened next was probably the strongest hallucination of the trip. I stared at this small statue of this old man (who looks kind of like Gandalf from lotr). He began miming along with the music and smiling at me. The cabinet he was on is next to some curtains. This waved suddenly as if in a strong wind then the cabinet stretched away from it and grew massively. It was only very brief but it was cool. Here’s a tip, I found that the best hallucinations happened in dim lighting I have no idea why.

I sat on the couch and stared at this other statue. It’s face kept morphing into different things, like big fat men and biker dudes (vice city influence). Most of the time it was the face of my friend Alex who’s house I had stayed at. He was laughing at me. Pictures in the room were really cool, the wall behind one kept turning black. It was like looking into a black hole, it was also permanent, it didn’t come and go like other visuals. Invisible things kept denting lampshades. I kept blacking out at this point, maybe because I was really tired. I kept having visuals with closed eyes that were like real, it was amazing.

Pretty soon after this I knew that I was coming down, about three hours after consumption. I went and watched TV in the other room because the statues were starting to be scary. My journey down was slow, its now nearly 8 hours after eating and I still feel a bit light headed.

Well that’s my story. I advise anyone tempted to take shrooms to start small, I know that if this had happened on my first trip I would have been buggered because I had no idea what to expect even though I had read about a million trip reports. Happy Shrooming!

Welsh Shroomer gorillamo123@hotmail.com if you have an questions.

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