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Level 3 at School

I don't recommend anyone to do this if you have enemies at school, people you are uncomfortable with, teachers, cops, crushes and what not.

I don't recommend anyone to do this if you have enemies at school, people you are uncomfortable with, teachers, cops, crushes and what not. The reason I decided to trip at school was because I thought it would be fun, and I wanted to view the school in this new world.

It started last weed, Friday morning at 7:14 A.M. when I woke up. I had a shower, drank some orange juice, and ate 3 grams of dried Psilocybe cubensis I don't know why I did it, I just felt like trying something totally different than camping, or tripping in my room. I decided I would trip at school. My grades are always good, so I could handle being suspended and having to do homework.

After eating 3 grams of dried shrooms, I sat down in the den and watched a little television.. PMK was on so I enjoyed that for about 20 minutes when it was time to catch the bus.

I got on the bus and still waiting for the trip to come on. My thoughts started racing if I should go to school like this or get my friend to drive me back home when I arrive at school. I decided I would go through with it.

When the bus arrived at school I was feeling nervous and light headed, a clarity like high. I met with some friends at the smoking area and had a couple cigs. I told them I took 3 dried grams of shrooms and they laughed and told me how fucked I was, and how I am an idiot to do shrooms before school. The bell started ring, and I felt as if that bell was the sign of the trip kicking in because as I walked through the halls everything started to seem weird. The lockers seemed to stay clear of me as they breathed. The noise of everyone else talking, getting ready for class was totally weird, like it was 40 people saying "Bla-Bla,"

My first class was Options (being Art) since it was Day 4. I have a few friends in this class and I sat down at our art table. What the art teacher was trying to explain to us was incoherent and I decided to space out and stare at the floor. The floor started to swirl in patterns similiar to the hotel desk scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. My friends at the table asked if I smoked some bud this morning and the only words that came out of my mouth were "Shrooms..," They laughed at the fact I was tripping at school right before their eyes. My friend Marc asked to look at my eyes, so I looked at him. His face looked like liquid, and it bubbled a bit like a lava lamp. He said "Your eyes have no color and your pupils are huge."

The room began to get really messed up as everyone began talking and I felt as if the teacher was looking at me. I then went up to her desk and told her I'm not feeling good and need to leave. So she allowed me to leave and I got out of there as fast as I can. When I entered the hall I suddenly felt happy because it was bright and there wasn't a person in sight. I must have wandered around the halls for the first two periods, looking at pop machines while they melted, and hearing the babbling of teachers and students in other classes with the doors closed. I felt as if those doors were the gateways to the rooms of terror. I dreaded going into any classroom today and I just wanted to wander in the halls until I could find my friend Aaron to drive me home at lunch-hour.

I decided I would go into the washroom and smoke. Normally I don't do this because no one likes getting in trouble, but I felt a strong desire to have tobacco smoke rush through my lungs nice and cool. I began looking foward to it.

I sat down in one of the stal's (sp?) upstairs where there is only 2 classrooms so there wouldn't be much washroom traffic. I lit up my first cigarette and began smoking asI watched the grafitii on the doors and walls dance around and take shapes. After about cigarettes I started feeling a nic rush so I closed my eyes and relaxed for a bit. I saw the usual 3D and colorful patterns.

Time seem to drag on and on and I decided to stare at my watch. When i did, the numbers on my digital watch were just weird Aztec symbols. It didn't cohere at all.

I decided I needed to get home right now. I asked the administration which class my friend Aaron was in. I asked if I could be guided there, which she kindly did. I got there, Aaron came out and she left. I told him I took shrooms and that this place was getting to me. He drove me home, and left class.

On the way home I stared out of the window, everything looked to wonderful going down Moutain Ave. Every building seemed to turn towards out car as if to look at us pass by. The trees swayed like something that was 3d rendered. All of a suddent the visuals shifted to prerendered backgrounds like in Final Fantasy 7 and the Resident Evil games. It looked as if everything was a realistic painting.

Finally we got to my drive way and he dropped me off. I thanked him and told him this weeked we're going to get baked, on me. I was amazed I could talk even, because this felt stronger than a level 3 trip even though I knew it was an easy level 3.

I got inside and lied down on my bed.. since I have christmas lights up I enjoyed their colors while I listened to Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and some Doors.

It was an ok trip, and I'm glad I tried it at school. I didn't get any work done of course, and didn't even get in trouble.



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