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Lesson of Seduction

First let me set the scene they call me Lnice, I am 22 years old and have been tripping now for about 6 months I first tripped in college in November with a good friend of mine.

First let me set the scene they call me Lnice, I am 22 years old and have been tripping now for about 6 months I first tripped in college in November with a good friend of mine. I would have to say I have tripped maybe 8 times since then so I its safe to say I am an experienced shroomer. I arrived home from college on a Saturday in late May (memorial day weekend) with plans to shroom with my friend Will. Will had never tripped before and he was eager to enter the realm I had boasted so much about. We both ate about 3 grams of dried shrooms at 12AM and washed it down with a "Brooklyn Lager", before the trip we swallowed 3 vitamin c's and fasted for 3 hours. The moon was full and vibrant with life this night, I live one block from Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY. For those of you who don't know Prospect Park, Prospect Park is to Brooklyn what Central Park is to Manhattan. As we walked up to the park from my house we immediately began to notice the warm churning feeling in our stomachs it and the bright halo around car head lights and lamp poles, it was now 1:15AM. I immediately knew we were in for something special. As we entered the park we noticed our old childhood playground off in a distance, it had been re-built and modernly designed. The florescent glow of twisted metal and foreign objects made curiosity build up inside of us and we began to walk towards it. We were both in awe of it's intricate design and delicate attention to detail. Will began to run and climb in and around all of the pieces of the winding metal and concreate. Will pointed out a bronze 6 foot 4 inch Mermaid statue, I was too curious about her origin and meaning, why was she here? I walked up to her and began to stare deep into her golden eyes and soon I was entranced by her grace, beauty and poise. She stood strong with her arms out and stared across the playground. I could do nothing but embrace her and I immediately felt a surge of tranquil energy rush through my body. She was the keeper of this playground and the protector of the young souls that frequent it. I stared into her face and watched Will run and play with all of the playground pieces as if he were 10 years old again. Suddenly I felt something tell me that it was time to move on from this playground it was a full moon and the trip had lots more to show us. It was now 1:40AM and we were beginning to trip hard, we ventured deeper into the park following the moon. We stopped to gaze into the moon's eyes, the moon had a face tonight that was full of expression, it was there to watch our every move. Everytime we would look away then look up again it would have a different expression. As we moved deeper into the park I remember how much I loved to communicate with trees when I trip. I believe every living thing and even rocks have a story to tell and even personality, when I trip I am privileged to hear their messages if I only stop and listen. I wanted to share this with Will but without telling him exactly. I decided to turn it into a game. I told Will to go pick a tree and go listen to what it has to say, I would do the same and then we would meet in between the two trees we picked and discuss the character of the tree's we communicated with. I ran to the tree of my choosing looking for a message, but when I reached the tree I quickly noticed that the tree seemed delusional in its consciousness, it reminded me of an old prostitute oblivious of the torture and pain it has been through, the tree called me with a lustful allure asking me to come closer. Frightened by its desperate cry for attention, I ran away from it and I went to tell Will of its existence and message. I found Will on his hands and knees worshiping his tree, he spoke of the tree's power, wisdom and experience. He explained the greatness of the tree by exploring its very roots all the way up to the bark which disappeared skyward into the darkness. I too began too see it's beauty and greatness and forgot all about the prostitute tree I had encountered. Will then stood back and noticed a shadow on the lower right side of the tree he had not noticed earlier, the shadow gave the impression of a carving and the carving was that of poison symbol, skull and cross bones. We were both freaked out and wondered how could something so beautiful be marked with something so evil, what was the point? We decided it was time to move on because we felt as if we were being watched. We traveled to a grove where we both use to have birthday parties when we were little kids. This is a magical spot in Prospect Park, I can best describe it as a circular covering of trees with a large stone in the center. When you stand on the stone and listen, if your lucky the tree's will whisper words of wisdom that will bring tears to your eyes. I looked up at the branches of the trees and my vision began to change sporadically. I began to see everything in fractals or as if I were looking through a prism. At first I was scared but then I relaxed and began to respect and enjoy it. It was now 2:20AM and we continued walking through the park sometimes stopping to listen to the story of an interesting tree. It was now 3:30AM and we decided to leave the park and return to my rooftop deck where we would smoke a joint, drink some OJ and listen to music we both brought to share with one another. Once we returned to my house we sat out on the deck and shared our feelings about the trip and lessons we learned on our journey. Every trip has a lesson for me, the lesson for this trip was that of seduction. Every person. object, or animal has a way of seduction. Let it be a bright color, a pretty face, a sweet fragrance or a beautiful sound. We all need attention in order to facilitate the exchange of energy, but it is up to us to decide with what and who we are willing to exchange. After all, you just read my words of seduction and you read it to the very end, so I am confident you too understand this lesson and can appreciate it's beauty.

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