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learnen to respect the shroom

this waz 4 years ago when i waz 17, but i remember it like it waz yesterday.

this waz 4 years ago when i waz 17, but i remember it like it waz yesterday. I waz living at home with my parents, my only sister lived on her own....

well it started at 9 o-clock pm, i waz at home with my parents. asleap in the basement and the house to myself. i waz sitten in the computer room, online. like i do everynight. i usely smoke a joint get a bag of chips, and some pop. then surf the web and play online game, while i munch on chips!

but this night waz different cuz i had a shoe box full of my first big mushroom harvest. i had cultivated a smaller batch b4 this one and tripped about a dozen times off of them. Mostly level 1's and a couple level 2's
So i call up my buddy and tell him to come over so we can trip, he said he would be about a half hour. so i go outside and smoke a fat ass bowl. then go into the computer room, i decide to just eat my dose now and give him his when he gets here( first mistake). i would always just eye out my doses so i grabbed a 1.5g looken one and ate it.then started to surf these forums. well time went by and my buddy still aint here, and the trip is starten to kick in. but im just readen shit on the forums not thinken bout the trip at all, with a box of shrooms infront of me. by nothing but habit i just reached out grabbed a shroom and started to munch on it and drink pop. not even thinken about what i waz munchen on, just outa habit cuz my chips and other junk food were always there. then i realized what i waz doing.....and my mind just went blank..... i suddenly couldnt remember how long i waz munchen on them, or how many i had ate. and the biggest sence of fear came over me.

I then left the computer room. and went into the living room. i waz scared cuz i didnt know how many i had ate, and i waz trippen harder than i ever have b4. the comming up waz very different. as if i waz being ripped into an alien world. i curled up in a ball on the floor. and told myself it would all go away in time. but i rememebr thinking about waking my parents up and telling them so that thay could help comfort me. but i kept strong and told my self it waould all go away in time, cuz its just the drug and it will were off. then i started clock watching, cuz i knew the timeline. but the clock never changed minuts took hours, then i realized it had only been 30 minuts sence i came out into the living room. so i got even more scared cuz i knew i had another 30 minuts intill peak. and i already couldnt handle the trip. i started thinking i ate like a half ounce or somthing. that waz the worst part i didnt know how much i ate. all this going on in my head while im curled up in a ball on the floor, then i ask god to help me make it through this. and tring to make deals with god, like, "ill never do any drugs again" "ill start living the rite way" if he could just make all this go away. then i kept thinkign as if i waz going to die cuz i coulda ate an ounce. i looked up at the wall, and thats when i saw the most real visual i ever had. the whole wall was flashing colors,not like highlighted colors ive seen that b4 on acid. these were SOLID colors i could no longer see the white wall paper covered in four inch squares.now all squares are all different collors, all changing differnt collors. ive always wanted to see sumthing like that, but the site of it frightend me more than anything in the world. i knew it realy waznt there but i waz seeing it anyway. i felt as that waz proof that i ate "too much" being a half ounce or somthing.

Then a thought came to me, i dont have any lights on in the living room. just the glow coming from the computer room light. so i get off the floor and turn on the bright ass living room light, then sat on the couch. looked at the clock, and it has been an 45 min sence i came out into the living room. i started to look atthe wall paper and pictures hanging up all over, everythign was moving like liquid. my entire field of vision waz pulsating, and colors were everyware. Then as quick as it came the FEAR left, replaces by joy. i smiled and laphed it waz the best feeling i have ever had to this day. i wanted to see how good the tracers were on a prip this hard, so i waves my hand out in front of my face. and the tracer turned into a rainbow, each one of my fingers left a different color tracer. so i had 5 color rainbows commen off my had.

then theres a knock on the door.. its my buddy an hour+ late. i opend the door and laphed my ass off as i told him i thought i waz gana die. he said "feed me" i dosed him up, and he started to trip as my peak went down.

well i said i would never eat shrooms again.. but here i am 4 years later ready to try them again... but ima start with a 1/2 gram and probly never eat more than 1.5 and most important i respect the mushroom, its NOT just another drug.


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