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Lava Lamp & stuff

So it was the first time i've tripped.

So it was the first time i've tripped. I bought an 8th of the magic a couple of days ago and was waiting until my friend got some so we could trip together.
I was laying on my bed at about 10:30 pm, i was in a good mood so i decided i was ready to take the ride.
I didnt exactly know how many to eat, so i just mixed the whole bag with orange juice and then drank it down.
After waiting about 45 minutes i started to guess that the shrooms were crap. 5 minutes later it felt like my body just sank into the bed. Everthing was funny, i was watching jenny jones and laughing quite a bit. 15 minutes or so later i started to realize that i was floating through a tunnle and i wasnt going back. I turned of the tv and just laid and stared at my lava lamp. I thought everything was so beautiful and morbid. The colors were so bright and nice to watch.
A big glob of lava merged with another, and formed into a face not a persons face but something more like an elf, then all the other globs and bubbles started to look like people dancing. It kinda scared me but there was much more fasination in watchin green people in a lamp dacing and cackling. I wanted to touch them and eat the lava. I figured that meant that i was hungry so i left my room. The walls in the hall were breathing and melting into the carpet, i ran away into a room and closed the door because i thought i would sink into the floor. I turned away from the door and i was looking face to face with someone, when i tried to touch him, he would reach and touch me back. There face was morphing into other shapes then coming back to the original face. I realized i was looking in the mirror at myself. But i wasnt looking in the mirror, i was looking out of it because i was inside, stuck in the mirror forever. Little people made of light, (red, blue, purple) were all aroung me, floating into and through my body. I could feel them stop in my body and come out of my finger tips, everything i touched was trasformed into light.
I was getting really comfortable so i just laid on my bed again, i fell asleep watched all the colors and dancing faces in my lava lamp. It was so amazingly indescribable.

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