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Last Time

I had eaten shrooms a couple of times before, one time being the most incredibly fun and enjoyable night.

I had eaten shrooms a couple of times before, one time being the most incredibly fun and enjoyable night. The last time was different. I made the first mistake by eating them with a guy I didn't know very well. We had just started dating and decided to split an eighth.
After mixing it ground up with tomato soup (a tip: snickers are IDEAL for eating shrooms, it covers the taste and texture) we went to the video store to pick up the Wizard of Oz to watch with Floyd. Once there I started to feel so sick to my stomach that I was literally bent over holding my stomach. He sent me to sit in the car while he got the movie. My stomach settled on the ride back and the easy feeling of pure blis settled in. We didn't even get out of the car for an hour, we just sat and talked and laughed and enjoyed the feeling. After we went inside we smoked a J and sat back talking and laughing for an hour or so. Eventually we kissed and just kept kissing because it felt so good. I decided at one point that I didn't want to kiss anymore and stopped, he laughed and wrestled me down jokingly and kissed me. I told him to let me up and he laughed. Quickly my high fell a hundred feet into such sadness that I cant explain.
My stomach hurt the lights dimmed and I knew that things were going to suck. I yelled that I wasn't kidding and he let me up no problem, he had no clue what had begun. We started to watch the movie and my mood just kept getting darker, my thoughts were racing because I knew that I was getting sadder and I wanted to tell him why and explain, but I couldn't because the words came out all wrong.
I then decided that I didn't want to be shrooming any more. I got up and told him this and he patiently explained to me that we had a good 5 more hours left. This upset me more and the room started spinning out of control, I ran to the next room and my stomach lurched forward. I threw up while running to the bathroom. He finnally realized how badly I was tripping and explained to me that everything would be okay, but I didn't listen. I was crying and telling him to make it stop, to take me to the hospital and have it all fixed. I told him that it was so hard because I had no reason to be sad but I couldn't fix it, it was a downward spiral.
Of course you cant go to the hospital, all they do is tie you up and wait for the shrooms to pass through your system. The most they can do is give you charcol to absorb some of the poisen, but it does very little.
After that I calmed down and spent the next 5 hours walking around town trying to think of happy things, but knowing that I didn't have very much control.
That is my warning for everyone, you do not have control of your thoughts and emotions like normal, and bad trips are the worst feeling of depression and helplessness you can feel. It is a glimpse into the world of a depressed person that resembles a living hell. While the highs are so wonderful that it makes it worth it to many, I decided I can't handle another low like that.
Be careful, only shroom with people you are fully comfortable with and if possible have someone babysit you, especially if you are eating a lot of shrooms.

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