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laced shroomz?

THis was my third shroom trip.

THis was my third shroom trip. two of my friends and I were driving to see a movie and met up with this dude they were aquainted with. Turns out he had some shrooms so we decided to do that instead.
We drove to burger king and sprinkled some shrooms on our burgers. Fuck, let me tell you the taste was horrible. Not the shroomz but the whopper! hehe. Anyway, didin't expect much, split the shrooms between the 4 of us, and we each ate less than a gram. But after only 20 min os so, I started getting really giddy. We left the burger king and went to my car to smoke some pot. Alot of pot. Smoked several bowls between the 4 of us. After another 15 min or so, I was really starting to feel the shrooms kick in, and I was surprised at the strength they were presenting. One of my friends, was flipping out. he said "ugh, it feels like a hand grabbing my brain and shaking it around every minute!". What he was saying seems silly, but it made total sense to me at the time. It was poring rain outside the car, and everything was foggy. I was looking at the windshield and noticing all kinds of strange glowing patterns in the droplets, magnified intensely. I don't know how long we were in that parking lot, because I was totally incapable of discerning the passage of time.
later, these large hedlights right behind us lit up and freaked us out. They seemed to be right behind us, and focused on us. We felt the need to drive away. We dropped off the dude that got us the shrooms, and went to my brothers house to chill out. The rest of the night was uneventfull. We watched a movie and started to come down. This shroom trip seemed intense. More so than any of the other shroom trips i've take. More so since we ate such small portions. Those shrooms might of been laced with acid, because never have I gone through an experience like that intense before.

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