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kyles first trip

it was 1 A.

it was 1 A.M. and my friend and i had been growing our own shrooms for the past 6 weeks,because we were so bored he offered me the shrooms,my friend had tripped on shrooms before but i hadnt so i was excited.i way approximatly 140 lbs and am 6 feet tall,male and i was 16 at the time so it tooke about 25 minutes for the shrooms to start kicking inn.i ate approximatly 1/8 of an ounce of shrooms(i had a few beers 3 hours earlier),and i ate them straight,no food to go along with them,just water.after 45 minutes i was starting to trip,i felt like i was shaking or i was going 60 mph when i was sitting still.some specific hallucinations and exaggerations were these
-the plaster on the basement cieling was "cavern like"(you know the plaster is in little spikes)this was like an ocean and i saw it even with closed eyes
-my friends uni-brow was caterpillar like
-and i felt surreal as if i were in the video game Legend Of Zelda
-i felt like everything was shaking or melting or had a soul
-my friend started to resemble an elf or leprachaun
-and i was like his student because he was sorta "trip sitting" me i told him everything i was thinking,seeing or feeling and asked if he saw the same,some were,some werent
-i thought everything was special even if it was as plain as the carpet(perhaps that ties into the "everything has a soul" idea)
touching things was also a great sensation,odd
-fingers are beyond fasinating on shrooms,i gave mine names
-your though process is so different and unique and boundless,like a childs,its almost like your in someone elses mind
-SHROOMS ROCK, DO EM'!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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