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Kubrick,Floyd n more

This was my second trip and what a blast it was, but let me give you a brief overview of my first trip.

This was my second trip and what a blast it was, but let me give you a brief overview of my first trip.

I had previously done a 1.5 g dose which resulted in a very light, relaxed, tingly, dropping-through-the-floor sensation. On the first trip I watched Blade Runner, my favorite movie, and was rewarded by the amazing visuals, especially the shot where they approach the Tyrell towers. It seemed that on shrooms you enjoy very slow activities. For instance, I hate baseball because it's too slow, but then it seemed like the perfect sport, with the pitcher taking a leisurely 30 seconds between each pitch. My friend said the actual games are great, too, with the vivid green grass and bright lights. But on to the good stuff!

This was to be a 3 g dose, and my friend came over while we watched some horrible action movie starring Lou Ferrigno. It's a favorite past-time of ours to scream stuff at bad movies like a Rocky Horror encounter, and this piece of junk was so bad that they even used CGI flashes for the muzzle blasts of their M-16's! It was called "Hangfire," and you can tell it was great because it also starred Yaphet Kotto (poor man's Sydney Poitier), Lyle Alzado (RIP) and Jan-Michael Vincent (how could you blow the Airwolf earnings on Vodka?) So about 3/4 into the movie I start to feel the first effects, which were some popping of my ears and a whooshing feeling, kind of like you're taking sudden jumps forward. My vision slowly narrowed down until it feels like you can look down a tunnel. In this first stage, you have complete control of where you want to go and how fast you want to go into it. If you stay up and moving around, it takes a while longer to get into the trip, but if you relax and let yourself go, it can happen fairly quickly. This is where being mentally stable is important, because this first stage kind of feels like you're going to die. Laying in my bean bag I felt like I was laying on top of a deep hole, and I could control how far down I was going to fall. You can start gently, but if you have no fear, you can just completely relax yourself, physically and mentally, and you can just DROP. I did this and it was amazing. It feels like an endless drop, with your limbs slightly tingling, a whoosh into your ears each time your heart beats and becoming almost paralyzed.

The reason this drug is so amazing is because it never takes control. You get what you give, you experience what is in your own mind. In a nutshell, shrooms multiply everything in your head by 100, making it all seem much more profound than usual. My friend is an anxious type and she had a bad trip on 2 grams, thinking she was going to suffocate a lot, so you must have a clear, stable head to do this. I'm going to try to remember as many random thoughts as possible during this report; God knows I had a shitload.

So there I am, dropping and dropping, and after about a half hour of entry, you hit a floating point when your vision starts to change. I felt like I was simply hanging there in space. I could barely feel my bean bag, totally enveloped in space. I noticed that I never had any outright hallucinations; my vision was simply altered. If you relax and let your eyes drift, outlines and colors will slightly shift. The dresser holding my TV began to stand out due to the vertical and horizontal lines of wood. My living roomed reminded me of a theater; everything was extremely bright due to pupil dilation. The ear popping and sporadic shooting-down-the-tunnel visions continued during this part, and my sweat and tear glands were really pouring. Your body is trying to rid itself of this poison, and your brain is entering a world where logic is turned upside down.

I entered the second phase of the trip by being overwhelmed by an intense feeling of a new logic taking hold. It felt like all your life you thought on one type of level, and all of a sudden it felt like you evolved and reached the next. I felt like I could feel the air across the room. Every sound was magnified. I heard leaves rustling through my window and across the street. I tried to explain to my friend, who was recording this fun moment for my future children, how it felt to be thinking on a new level. Maybe not higher, but new. It felt like I had found the secret to everything in life, and how tiny everything seemed. It felt like I had connected with the collective unconscious and I was tapping the memories of ancient beings who had walked on the planet before us. All the menial crap like TV and superficial relationships-it all paled in comparison to how profound my life seemed. It forced me to sit there and say "What is happiness? What am I doing here? Am I happy in my life?" It completely shrunk the modern world down to a pinhead and made me look at the big picture of universal existence. Everything was totally slowed down to the here and now, with my immediate philosophical desire being a peek into the next world, a world where we are merely spirits. Living the rest of your life seemed insignificant compared to the taste of feelings that I was having on the trip. I couldn't wait to get to the next level of life.

During this phase I felt like I was in touch with the universe and really understood how energy works. It felt like I was doing something that has been done for thousands of years. It felt like an experience that a Native American would do with his son, some sort of inaugural spirit-walking session to put him in touch with his God. I really felt like this was a necessary part of growing up. It shocks you and puts everything in life in perspective. These experiences give you meaning and direction in life, and as long as it doesn't lead to negativity, I don't see why these drugs are illegal. Some people get this high from music, or religion, or by going to a beautiful mountaintop. Some get it from drugs, while some use all of the above! But these ethereal experiences are so important to human development, and society is trying to replace them, to overload us with quick fixes, with short-term solutions and fast gratification. On this drug I felt like I would just be satisfied living by the beach my whole life. It took me right back to primitive man, and I knew what it felt like to be living here years ago staring up at the moon at night, alone in the wilderness. It felt like I was connected to all of humanity and hatred, violence and fear was so, so pointless and would only hinder you on your goal to a higher place. It felt like a higher-being was talking to me, disappointed at humans for not taking a more sensible approach to evolution, like they were waiting for us to catch up or something.

I kept trying to explain to my friend these feelings, but all I could do for 2 hours was shake my head and say "Whoa" or "Jesus Christ" or "Amazing. Simply amazing." I would start a sentence, then change to 4 different topics, with each of them feeling like it was the most important thing in the world.

Another thought I had was that every family should do these instead of going to Disneyland or something. A good trip is like a complete, well-rounded entertainment experience all rolled into 20 bucks. Your own mind provides more entertainment then any fake amusement park ever could, and you don't get fucked over food costs.

After my friend left I entered the third phase of the trip, pulled my bean bag close to the TV and put in the Ultimate Trip Movie, 2001. I was very relaxed in this stage, absorbing everything around me, learning. I played the last half hour of the movie where Dave Bowman enters the monolith and begins his journey, and I sat spellbound by the lightshow with all it's sepia tones and amazing visuals. One thing I noticed that I never saw before was how Kubrick filmed the astronauts to make it look like zero gravity was to simply run the film in slow motion. Maybe I just never paid close enough attention, but it was surprised me and my friend when I told him the next day. So we enter the part of the movie after you go through the light tunnel and you're flying over canyons and valleys and oceans in weird colors, and to me it felt like you were seeing the history of the earth, birth and death of all that has come and gone.

The interesting thing about Kubrick's films is how slow they are. Long, slow shots that really give you time to think. These days, fast Bruckheimer shitty films overwhelm us we're just reduced to dumb, immobile consumers. Kubrick lets your mind take control and think, and since mine was going 1,000 mph on the shrooms, I was simply paralyzed by the beautiful story that was taking place on the TV. I remember feeling so amazed at this slow, languid, visual process that I kept thinking how Kubrick knew something we missed. In all his seclusion and social distance, he held firm to what he knew inside his head, that nothing will ever replace human imagination and creativity. He knew the secret, like so few artists do, and they try hard to communicate this ancient psychic awareness to all of us. How many understand and realize it? The colors and tints completely overwhelmed me as I watched the rest of the film and was left stunned by this amazing contribution to humanity. 2001 + mushrooms = cathartic experience.

As I came down off the trip I listened to Dark Side of the Moon, sleepily relaxing in the comfortable analog synthesizer hum. I had achieved my immediate mushroom trip goals of Kubrick and Pink Floyd, but there's much more for me to look forward to exploring (camping!) I awoke the next day with a moderate headache, then all was well.

Be sure to drink plenty of water before your trip so you don't become too dehydrated, and be safe! Make sure you're in a safe environment when tripping. I hope you enjoyed this report.

The Dark Ocean

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