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Kids on Drugs

Well, one fine thursday in april I bought an ounce of mushrooms, and sold 5 eighths to some kids at school.

Well, one fine thursday in april I bought an ounce of mushrooms, and sold 5 eighths to some kids at school. I sold an eighth to J (my friend) and kept a quarter for myself. That day after school we went to pick up buds, and were sitting in subway when I saw C.K. (who had come into town with acid recently), so I ran after him. His acid was $7 a tab, and he said he'd sell me two quads for $50, so I bought them. Me and J took the bus back to my house, and once inside, it was around 6:30. At 6:45, J ate two tabs of LSD and sat on my couch listening to underworld. I then proceeded to put the seven grams of mush into a cup, and add to it boiling water. I waited a few minutes, then chugged it. We went out down to the park, and after the 15 minute walk, we were both feeling extremely high. We went and talked to some skaters and then went for coffee. As we sat in the restaurant, we were total heatscores acting all strange. I noticed people looking at me. We then left and wandered around before going back to the park. When we got to the park, I was peaking, and I went up to the skaters telling them "I can show you some radical moves man!" and then I walked off, dropped my pants, and yelled "LSD RULES!!". We began walking off. Some drunk jocks in a pick-up yelled "fuck you!!" when I walked into the street, to which I responded "Fuck you!!!" holding up the finger. We began walking to my house when I felt sick. I dry-heaved once or twice before puking up my mushrooms on the street. There was puke on my face as we stumbled back to my house. J had a cigarette on my lawn, just before we entered the house. I opened the door, and then closed it right away. "FUCK!! my parents are home!!!" I said to J. We walked in, unable to communicate with my parents, but mumbling some shit about me being sick. I tried to turn on the shower to clean myself off, but couldn't get it to a good temperature. I went back into my room, and J was feeling really paranoid. We were both still tripping, only he was tripping DAMN HARD. He was babbling about how his parents can't find out about this, and how we're going to get caught walking in looking the way we did, and how he doesn't feel safe here etc. I eventually suggested that he leave. He said hat would make him feel better. He left the house, and I came down, only he was wandering the streets for hours before arriving home.

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