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kelly's boobs!

Alright, well this is basically how my trip went, how I got my shrooms, and how I loved it.

Alright, well this is basically how my trip went, how I got my shrooms, and how I loved it... I was with 5 other people at the time I did the shrooms, we'll call the people Richard, Kate, Dustin, Jake, and Kelly. Dustin and I had been interested in doing acid or any crazy drug like it for about a week. We decided to ask Dustin's brother, Ralph, if he had any acid for sale or anything. He told us he had just sold all of and/or used it. He then told us he had 1/4 of cubensis shrooms. I was told that an 1/8 of shrooms is equal to about 1.5 hits of acid, so we were all for it. We got a pretty good deal for 1/4, we only paid 20 bucks for them. He also assured us they were good.

Dusty and I just hung out all day until the evening began to role around, and we drove over to Jake's house. His dad was out of town, so it was perfect. Everyone wast there now. Some people smoking pot, some smoking ciggarettes, some drinking, etc... but Dustin and I just starting munching our shrooms. They taste pretty nasty... all stale and shit...kind of like stale pop corn, but I covered up the taste by eating them with some nacho cheesier doritos. Dustin had said we should start off slow and then eat more and more, but I said fuck it, and ate them all. I don't regret having done that because I think my trip was much more powerful, despite what Dustin said. He had left 3 stems and a huge cap, and I had eaten them all. I first knew it was hitting me when I looked at my hang. Hands look fucking rad when you are on shrooms. Then I started just laughing my ass off at everything... and rolling around on the floor and finding things like little balls, and baskets, everything was so rad. I didn't really experince great "visuals" more of just this tremendous "What is up with THAT?" kinda feeling if you know what I mean... I didn't understand much, or actually I did understand everything fully and I was constently trying to explain it to the other people in the room. There was so much stuff I had to tell them about, like EVERYTHING! I remember going outside and like trying to climb up the trees because the lighs and stars were so bright I wanted to get up to them. And I remember jumping on top of all the cars outside and surfing huge waves on them like they were surfboards... some of the cars turned into cushions too. It was great fun. Then when I went back inside the group had kind of split up, Dustin just laid on the couch the whole time. He wouldn't get up and explore with me! SO I was like whatever, and I went into the bedroom where Kelly and Jake were and just tried to tell them about everything. I was told later that I had a big problem of making fun of everyone! Especially kelly, I kept saying I loved her, but I also kept ripping on how small her breasts were. But she was ripping on them too, so I guess it was cool. I kept crawling back in between rooms telling people what was up, just like telling them how nothing mattered, etc. Richard and Kate got pissed and left, and Jake, Kelly, Dustin, and I went over to kelly's house.. it was about 11 pm now. Getting into the car was the weirdest thing! Everything was so bright! Stop signs lit up like christmas trees, and it felt like we were travelling at like 500 mph. Cars that passed us were going so fast! oh man it was scary. I thought for sure we were going to get caught by the cops, but I wasn't really paranoid, because I really wasn't there or something. We had a can of pop, dustin and I, and we kept like turning it around and playing with it... my body became really really sensitive to heat and cold. We arrived at kelly's house and we went inside to watch the movie "The Labyrith" with David Bowie! NOW THAT WAS CRAZY! The movie totally flipped me out. Jake was getting jealous of how I was all over kelly, but I wasn't trying to be, I just was. Kelly didn't stop me either... I would keep touching her arm and her lips and stuff because she seemed so smart! She then went and got food and thats when I think I peaked... eating food on shrooms is the weirdest thing. We had salsa and chips. When I would bite into a chip it felt like my teeth were falling out and shit. So I just swallowed and tried to drink water.... we were flipping... slowly dustin and I came down and we all went back to Jake's house to talk about it... and how we are going to skip school tomorrow and do it again! haha

Shrooms = GREAT! If you don't let the factor of time get you crazy... minutes are hours, and seconds are years... it's really really cool.

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