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To begin, I'll just say that the trip before this one (months before) was very deep.

To begin, I'll just say that the trip before this one (months before) was very deep. I couldn't imagine writing a report about it because how could you document 900,000 thoughts running through your mind as you float through space and have no idea what part of your brain you have keyed into? Yeah, it seemed kind of hard to me as well. The only thing I can say is, the experience was like this: Ever smelled/tasted/saw something that brings back a great memory for just ONE second? You feel great for an extremely small period of time, like you were back when the event occurred. For example, when I drink some imported coffee that tastes very similar to the drinks I had in Europe, I get "that feeling", like I was BACK there for a second. Well, that was what this mushroom trip was like. It unlocked a "memory" and I just laid down in complete ecstasy on my couch for a long duration with thoughts racing through my head as I spun through another dimension. Please read on and enjoy!

Kaleidoscopic Animal Trees in the Sunset:

One Friday evening around 7 p.m., I became aware that the house was going to be left to myself for the rest of the evening. I had recently had success in growing some mushrooms (b+) and was dying to try them out, but only at the right time. I was getting anxious, and when I found out I was going to be home alone, I couldn't resist the opportunity. Everything seemed more than perfect that evening. I consumed 3 mushrooms, 1 cap and 4 or 5 tiny aborts / pins from my casing (all of these were dried and weighed out way under 2 grams, I just wanted a feel before I tried a larger dose.) I also had some nice marijuana loaded in a glass pipe ready to go when the mushrooms started to take hold.

The few mushrooms that I ingested seemed to be coming on around 45 minutes after I dosed them. I was happy because I hadn't eaten mushrooms in months and these seemed to be very nice. I was sitting on my back porch, soaking in the natural atmosphere, noticing all of the normal "shroomy" effects that were being laid out in front of me: Trees oscillating / moving into each other. Everything was in perfect clarity. The grass and leaves were so vivid and alive. I love the sensory enhancement aspect of mushrooms very much; it's simply amazing. The back porch had been cleaned with a pressure hose recently, and the various streaks that it left behind only stimulated the visuals even more. Patterns formed and moved across at great speeds, shifting and changing right in front of my eyes.

As I was sipping on my small glass of red wine, I decided to go get my glass bowl that was loaded with my tasty buds. I smoked this bowl out back and noticed that things got even better. I started to feel more open and free. As I wandered around the back yard, I began to appreciate everything that was alive…..It's just one of those automatic mushroom things. I then decided to take a walk around to the front yard and see what was happening there. As I was sitting on the front porch, I noticed the masses of birds flying in their intricate network from tree to tree. What the hell were they doing? I watched in awe for about 10 minutes as these creatures fluttered and chirped in and out of what became my favorite part of the trip. THE TREES. By now, I guess you could say I was "peaking" and the visuals really started to generate. The sun was going down and the pinkish tint that the clouds held suddenly flickered in different colors. Large cumulous clouds visible in the sunset morphed, and next, what seemed like huge planes of colored glass struck down from the clouds to the ground (where I could not see) and that surprised me….. so I began to laugh.

I stared at the large gumball tree that was directly in front of me in my neighbor's yard. I then began to notice that it would flex into kaleidoscopic leafy patterns. As I experimented with this visual even more, I noticed that the tree sort of looked like a balled-up cat-like animal. The longer I stared, the more it developed. Amazing. This creature had arms, legs, a tail…. and of course a wicked face! I was not threatened at all; it just wanted to have some fun. The more I looked, the more it played. It began to move in a nice motion in the sky. Though the hallucination was not "fluid", it seemed more computer-generated, and HUGE. I'll try and describe this: Each part of the animal was made up of a piece of the kaleidoscope that developed into an animal. The creature had amazing depth and movement. It moved just like the trails on a mouse moved (ie: the last piece of the trail stopping last after the movement). The motions were exact….. It was quite surreal. Watching this animal in the sky was loads of fun.

After that, the sun went down and I had to resort to the closed space of the house. This was not my favorite place to trip, but the noises of all the insects etc. of the outside world (which was getting dark fast) became quite "annoying". However, the fireflies painted nice green streaks as they pranced around the yard. I came back in, listened to some nice psychedelic trance music and relaxed for a while. A bunch of things happened inside, but nothing THAT interesting or worth writing more about. Well, except for the smoke from my cone incense holder (cone with narrow hole at the top to place a stick, and the smoke came out a hole in the bottom) made puffs out into my room in the form of mushrooms (I don't think this was a hallucination, just natural, very weird though) that would fall out of the holder and slowly the smoke would move off, up and away. If I watched the inside of the holder where the smoke was coming out, I could notice intricate geometric patters forming in the thick whiteness.

Outside during the sunset was definitely the highlight of the experience…..not that the indoor portion was bad, just not near as fun! I'll make sure that the next time I eat mushrooms, I'll be outside the whole time in the natural environment (the only REAL way to go!)

Thanks for reading…..I wish you all safe and happy mushroom excursions until the end of time! Be SAFE!

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