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Just kept laughing!

My first time on mushrooms was incredible.

My first time on mushrooms was incredible. A few of us made tea with them and took off to a bar.

At first I started to feel sick, but this quickly went away as I felt a fast rush of extreme excitement; as if I was a kid again at an amusement park. It seemed to hit us all at the exact same time, so of course we all burst out laughing.

After getting in the bar I tried to watch the big screen TV but couldn't handle it. Everything was too funny and I felt like people were watching me, especially because I was trying to hide my amusement.

My large glass of water seemed to be growing in front of my eyes, and every time I took a sip it tasted like straight vodka, to my disgust.

We had to leave the bar, on account of me, who was now in hysterics. My boyfriend was covering my mouth outside of the bar and saying STOP IT YOUR FREAKING OUT!! which only made me laugh even harder. I was laughing so hard I was crying, and I couln't stop.

The rest of the night was very similar, and the next morning my stomach and facial muscles were extrememly sore, but it really was a fun night.

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