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Jungle Fruit and the Purple Hill

It all began when me and my girl ANh have split six grams of shrooms.

It all began when me and my girl ANh have split six grams of shrooms. We ate them quickly, the caps were disgusting. Meanwhile, she was having a party at her house and everyone amazed by the shrooms, everyone wanted to smell, touch but they were gone pretty quick.
Around 12 o'clock she finally kicked everyone out and me and her smoked a nice spliff in the back. Then we left to go to the part with about about six people. Two of the guys that we were with had some good hash. They put about 2 cubes in the pipe and we smoked it all to our faces, then they added about three more. By this time Anh and I hit our peak. We were two girls amazed by everything. Everything that surrounded us and everything that we saw. I sat on the swing and almost immediently I looked at the beautiful sky. It was purple ocean the waves went back and forth. The sand was like an ocean too. The trees were like 3D. No, but they were way better 3D. I looked at my hands and they looked like Jello moving. We smoked some more hash and the three other guys left. So we decided to go back to Anh's house to get more food and clothing. We walked into her house and I opened her frige and there I saw a strawberry cheese cake. We put it on the table and I was so amazed. It was like a red ocean and the whip cream looked like white mountains. I looked around her kitchen and saw the most beautiful cearl box ever. It was the back of Fruit Loops(with marshmellows). There was a jungle of fruit at the back and all colour, fruits and pictures were coming out. I took the ceral box with me. Then we set out for another nature walk at Centiennal park. There was a fucking marathone going on at 3 in the morning! Every tree was beautiful and unique in it's own way. We started walking some more and we smoke some more hash. the smoked look like a little animal running. Parks and Rec. keep freaking us out by driving by the night went pretty fast n i didnt want it to end n we walked to shell and the munchies were amazing the popcorn was flying out at e n the guy knew we were on sonmething. neway the night ended and we went back home and by that time it was around 5 in the morning. we got back but we were so wide awake and i was still trippin but eventually it ended and another shrooms trip was over. i plan to do them again in about 3 weeks and this time i kno it will be 10 times better cuz everytime i do them it gets better than b4 n kno what i willl always love shrooms and i wrote a poem if u wana hear it jus write me a comment so stay high 4ever and munch on those magic mushies

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