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journey to nowhere?

ok this was my first time tripping on shrooms.

ok this was my first time tripping on shrooms..i was at penstate and there was about 9 of us that were gona trip...we all ate a 8th and waited for the effects to kick in. when we started to feel it we where at this one kids apartment. When i first started to feel it no body made sense cuase everyone was tripping...everyone had there own thing that they were focusing on and it just confused the shit out of me...i tried to calm myself down by just staring at the ground and then i saw my shadow....i thought what the fuck was it doing there with me?.... began to try and step on it with no sucsess which really pissed me off...for some reason i thought it was possible to get rid of a shadow...then in a moment of consenious i told meself to stop right now becuase i would drive myself nuts all night trying to kill my shadow...so we all decided to go back to this other kids house who we were with...half of the people though wanted to stay becuase of the insane visuals that they were getting from the winamp plugin..so we all go in elevator and the door shut..we were in the elevator for what seemed to be a few mins and then the door opened and low and behold we were still on the same floor....so once we got the damn thing working we finially made it back to the kids house...then about 20 minutes later the rest of the people showed up..we all went to smoke a bowl in his balconey (we were on the 10 floor)..once we were done we were just walking around aimlessly just doing nonsense..then incame one of are friends that was still on the balconey ...he starting urging everone to get there coats on and to follow him that he had an idea...we tried to question him but he was set in his ways...so we all agreed to follow ..we had nothing better to do...so he starts to lead us all around campus..just walking whever his mind took him...we ended up going to a apartment building where he opened the door and told us all to come in ...we walked through the door and once agian we were outside...it was nuts...it completly fucked with my head...it felt like we walked into the outside from the outside...i felt like i was in a art gallerly of nature...we just started to run everywhere rolling down hills walking through woods...then we all started to form are own little groups and just walked wherever..i mean we must of walked about 15 miles just to nowhere..but it dident matter becuae everywhere we went it was awsome...the person that had this great idea was my leader for the rest of the night..everything he would do that night would have to be fun in my head....later on that night..i rememebed that i had a cap left in my pocket but yet i couldent eat it until i knew exactly how long it was snice i at the shrooms..This was a vital thing to know for some reason and it was driving me nuts cause noone knew..finally when i decided that i dident care anymore i forsome reason felt i couldent eat it with out haveing a drink...i mean that it was impossible to eat anything with out haveing a drink to put it down..i finiall said fuck it and stuck it in my mouth and stared to chew and the damn thing wouldent go down..it completly resisted going down my throat so i just let it sit in my mouth..i felt like i became one with the mushroom..later on that night i had some crazy theories in my head about how on shrooms everything happens for a reason and you should no question what the shroom causes u to see and do becuase the shroom was all mighty...i also came to the concluesion that the lava lamp was the meaning of life and everything came to exsistence from it...anyway..i can keep going on but everything that i want to say just wont come out right beauce there is know way to explain the rest of trip...

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